How to write the Best Reflective Essay for your school, College or University

How to write the Best Reflective Essay for your school

As part of the Essay Writing Series for Students, today in this article we are covering about ‘How to write the Best Reflective Essay for your school’.

How to write the best reflective essay
How to write the best reflective essay

Tips How to write the Best Reflective Essay for your school

What is a reflective essay? Most of the school, college, and university students think that it is too easy to write a reflective essay since they are free to share their thoughts in this paper and it does not need any reference or citation. However, the truth is entirely different.

How to write a reflective essay? Until or unless you do not have a firm grip over the English language and have no idea of the background of the issue, it may not be possible for you to write a reflective essay. Almost all reflective essays need students to share their personal opinions about a social, economic, political or another type of issue, and if you do not know anything about where did this issue originate from and how it is impacting society, you may never be able to come up with a quality paper.

Some of the best tips that guarantee great results were prepared by and are mentioned below.

Formats of Reflective Essays

First of all, you should be familiar with the format of a reflective essay. How to start a reflective essay? It is one of the initial stages where you need to think out of the box and creatively regarding the subject, and then come up with high-quality content. You will have to explore the topic from the positive or negative point of view, dig deeper, collect some data, and then format it as per the prompt the teacher might have provided you with. Ideally, format such essays in APA or MLA style, and references are optional, meaning you may or may not insert them.

What to write about

Once you are clear about the reflective essay topic, the next step is to think and write the content right away. What do I write about? Please remember that the reflective essays are purely based on personal opinions, so you can write them from any angle, but need to make them useful and informative. For instance, if you have to share your opinion of teenage pregnancy, then it is up to you whether to support it or go against it. As the starting point, you can introduce the topic, and devote the body paragraphs as well the conclusion to reviewing the issue with detail and sharing your own point of view.

Think about reflection

As already mentioned, the reflective essay requires you to speak of your mind and to share your thoughts and ideas. If you are not clear in this regard, then you can go ahead and make a reflective essay outline. Once you select the topic, you can outline the essay to have an idea of what to include and what to exclude.

Make a Plan

The plan and outline are two different terms, but they contain the same meaning. You must make a plan for what you want to write in your essay. You have to plan how you can make sure of the quality of the reflective paper. Review some personal reflective essay examples to have an idea. The plan is where you write several lines about what you actually want to discuss in the reflective essay. It shall cover what is the role of the topic and how it contributes to the betterment of society. If these things are clear, then it will be easy for you to come up with a quality essay.

Start Writing an Essay

You start writing only when you make the outline and are clear about the reflective essay format. Naturally, you need to divide the essay into three different sections: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. You need to pay attention to the quality of these sections. it’s possible to use the best writing applications for the writer which will help to do it properly.

In the introduction, you can briefly describe the topic or the issue. You can talk about its background and the purpose of writing your reflective essay. It is essential to write the clear thesis statement in the last line of this paragraph.

Keep the body paragraphs short, each with seven to ten lines. You need to separate them from one another using several headings and subheadings.

In the Conclusion Section, you have to wrap up the story. Also, you will raise some questions in the minds of your readers in several ways. You should write these sections from scratch. If you have taken an idea from somewhere, then you must give them credit for their contributions to the field.

Examples and Finishing Strokes

The chance is that some students still face confusion. So we recommend them to check some example essays. Have an idea of how to give a finishing touch to their reflective papers. The internet has many such examples, but they are only to take the idea from; you cannot copy the content from those published essays. Try to give your reflective essay a finishing touch by fixing the grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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