YouTube Video Marketing Tips

YouTube Video Marketing Tips


Videos are at the heart of any marketing campaigns today. Back when YouTube did not exist, things were different. Not only did people not think much about videos, but it was also extremely cumbersome to watch them on a platform because of their size and incompatibility.

However, when YouTube came into the picture, things changed for videos. People found them entertaining and a great way to interact. Marketers, therefore, were quick to grab on to the opportunity and began using them to spread brand awareness. However, all of this took time. YouTube did not become a blockbuster overnight, and marketers did not jump on it in minutes. Rome was certainly not built in a day!

Nonetheless, almost fifteen years later, this whole thing is a sensation. Millions of people all over the world are learning how to edit videos for YouTube precisely, and they are using this knowledge to build an empire for themselves.

Video Marketing Tips on YouTube

Marketers are one thing, but if you are someone who wishes to increase their brand presence on YouTube, it is important to learn a few trade secrets along the way, such as making captivating intros using a great intro maker. The famous YouTubers that you see today became who they are because they toiled and did things right. They knew their game and made plans to execute each idea. To be a brand like they are, you will have to follow the same primary paths.

Here are a few tips to remember while trying to make it big on YouTube. 

  • Create A+ Content on YouTube:

Content matters the most. It is the pivot to your entire venture and requires the most attention. You need to create the kind of content that your target audience will love. People tend to like things that they can relate to. Use this little trick to give them the kind of content that they can binge-watch. The secret to unlocking a huge list of followers is creating A+ content that will keep them hooked.

  • Make the Complete Use of the Description Section:

The description section is where you use your SEO skills. If you have sound knowledge about SEO, utilize it to attract your target audience. If you don’t know SEO, ask someone else to help you. However, it is vital to get the description area right. This helps YouTube recommend your video to its users, thereby increasing your reach. Add links and organize this section neatly for better readability. 

  • Add Captivating Titles to Your Videos:

Headlines, titles, and hashtags are some of the other more important things that you should concentrate on. Headlines are predominantly more captivating. Factors that play a huge role in helping viewers decide whether or not they want to click on your video are capturing headlines and the right hashtags to go with them. You want this headline to be as inclusive, concise, and enticing as you can make it. However, do not fall into the clickbait traps. Viewers are especially intelligent in understanding that they have been deceived and they do not appreciate that. Nonetheless, if you can surprise them with something unexpected, they will want to return to your channel. 

  • Follow a Schedule:

Follow a plan to post your videos. Make sure there is a certain time of the day when you do this and also a certain time table. Not only does this discipline you, but it also helps your viewers identify a particular day or time with your uploads. If your content is good enough, they will even look forward to this particular time or day to watch your videos! Of course, you can keep experimenting with your schedule to check when is the right day and time to upload your videos. Nonetheless, try sticking to one routine for sometime before moving onto another. A schedule helps in the long run although it might be difficult to follow initially. 

  • Use Intros, Outros, and Thumbnails to Create Brand Presence:

Using intros is a great strategy to solidify your presence as a brand. Try to stick to one or two intros at the most since viewers identify you and your channel with these snippets. You can also make great outros with similar outro makers and add them to the end of your videos. This will help you grow your brand presence better. One more thing that is quite underrated is thumbnails. Thumbnails play a huge role in enticing your viewers. Hence, create thumbnails using bright colours and witty punchlines to grab the attention of your viewers. 

  • Promote the Video to Your Target Audience All Over Social Media:

Once you are done uploading your video following all the little tips given above, it is time to talk about it on social media. Promote your videos everywhere and tell as many people as you can about them. However, be subtle if you are trying to sell something. People hate sales pitches when they are only looking to be entertained. Therefore, be careful about them. Otherwise, ask people to watch your creations, and they will automatically share it if they like what you have made!


Making videos is not half as tough as marketing them. However, marketing videos is not rocket science. Therefore, a few strategies placed well can give you a huge boost. Use the Internet to learn more and apply that knowledge as you progress. Learn how to editing Youtube videos and start your marketing campaign.