Top 15+ YouTube Tips and Tricks to Get More Subscriber & Publicity

Hello guys, today I am here to share YouTube tips and tricks to get more youtube subscribers fast.I will tell you some personal tips and rest of them I heard from my friends. So, if you have any YouTube channel and want to get more subscriber in short time, just read this post carefully and follow the tips and use tricks to get famous in short time.


Best 15+ YouTube Tips and Tricks to Get Famous

YouTube is the main platform for sharing videos worldwide and earning money from video’s monetization. At first, you must have a YouTube channel to share videos on YouTube and have to setup an AdSense account to monetize the all videos to earn money from the videos. If you don’t have any channel or AdSense account, please read this tutorial to setup both accounts.

Top 15+ YouTube Tips and Tricks for Channels to Get More Subscribers

# Choose Your Niche

Let’s take few hours to think what type of videos or talent you have and then come to create a channel. You can choose any type of Channel for to specify your audience. It will help subscribers to tell which videos you have in your channel.

# Attractive Channel Name

As you know, name is the first thing to get basic info about anything. So, same thing is here. If you want to attract more visitors to your channel, please select an attractive and relevant name.

# About Section

About section is most important thing to attract visitors. If you have filled all valid details, visitors will read it then think about your channels and videos. If they fount it useful and relevant to him, they will subscribe you surely. So, mention all valid details to your about section.

# Social Profiles

In about section, you have some social profile fields to be filled with your profile links. If you have account on all social profiles and active there, you will get more subscriber. Everyone wants an active person or page that will help him to be updated everywhere.

# Channel Icon (Logo)

Channel icon represents your channel across Google and YouTube. So, I suggest you to take your time to create a brand logo for your YouTube channel. Please create a logo of size 800*800 pixels and you can use .jpg, .png, .bmp file for your logo.

# Channel Art (Banner)

Channel art is another way to showcase your topics or brand with a large banner at your channel profile. Please upload an image of 2560 x 1440 pixels for best view in YouTube.

# Channel Layout

As you know first impression is the last impression, so YouTube also has various layouts for channels. Please choose a suitable layout for your channel and put your efforts to make them attractive with videos. You can set trending videos, most viewed videos according to you. It will help you to showcase your videos to your visitors.

# Optimize Video Title

Video title is the first thing that attracts viewers to watch your video on YouTube. So make it clean and descriptive.

  • Optimized Video Length is 100 Characters
  • Use the keyword in the title
  • Don’t make the title too long (Average Video Timing is 4.4 minutes)
  • Make the title descriptive and engaging
  • Don’t use the word “video” in the title

# Add Description to Your Video

Write something about your video in description section. Its another thing that matters to engage more viewers. Please keep below things in mind –

  • Don’t leave it blank
  • Use tags for the video
  • Don’t copy and paste
  • Add URLs for Social Profiles

# Add Custom Thumbnails

Adding custom thumbnail to your videos is always helpful to show a perfect view of your video. So always use it with each video. You can add custom thumbnail anytime for any video either uploading time or later.

# A Perfect Channel Trailer

Channel trailer is the moment where you need to catch your audience’s attention within a few seconds. You must have a perfect channel trailer between 30 to 60 seconds.

# Use ‘Call to Action’ Annotations

I suggest you to use call to action annotations with your videos. If you use it proper, you will get a perfect growth in your subscribers. You can add this annotation by going to video editor and annotations section.

# YouTube Intro & Outro

YouTube intro is like a opening theme of any serial to show your brand before any video. It will help you to get more attention to your brand. So, create a intro and outro video for your upcoming videos.

# Social Sharing

Social media is the main platform  to get more viewers and subscriber for your YouTube channel. So, be active on social sites and engage with more people to share your videos with them. It will help you to get more viewers to your video and try to convert them into subscribers.

# Collaborate with other YouTubers

It is another part to get more subscribers for your channel to collaborate with other YouTube users. You can consider following things to do –

  • Guest appearances in each others’ videos
  • Making one YouTube video and dividing it
  • Promote each others videos after video ending
  • Uploading your videos to each others’ channels
  • Collaborating with Google Hangouts on-air
  • Exchanging shout-outs
  • Collaborating through social media

# Interact with Your Audience

Its the best option to get more subscribers and audience by interacting them through a live video or comments. You can share a live video and answer of your audience questions. You must be active for comments. I suggest you to reply asap for each comment you get. You can go for YouTube community to get interact with huge audience.

# Provide a Giveaway to Your Subscribers

It is another part of getting more subscriber and getting publicity on YouTube. You can provide some tasks to your viewers to do and then send him giveaway. You can give him PayTm cash, free coupons, movie vouchers or anything that you want to give.

Last words for YouTube Tips and Tricks – So guys, if you want to get more subscribers for your YouTube Channel, you must follow the above Tips & Tricks. If you have any YouTube Tips and Tricks, you can share them in the comment box.


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