Youtube SEO – How to Rank Videos on Youtube

How to Rank Videos on Youtube
How to Rank Videos on Youtube

Are you wondering why your videos are not ranking on YouTube? Even though your keyword appears in the title, description, and file name and you have set 153 great tags? I have put together the ranking factors that really matter. Here, you can find details about how to rank videos on Youtube.

YouTube is the second largest search engine as well as the largest video platform in the world – and this in times of steadily increasing online video consumption, goldfish attention spans, and the universal demand for snackable content. Videos are processed faster than text and the content is better remembered. High time to deal with the topic of video SEO in this area as well.

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Video SEO ↔ YouTube SEO

Is there actually a difference between YouTube SEO and video SEO or are they just synonyms?

Video SEO describes comprehensive video optimization. So it not only affects YouTube and all other video portals but also video content on websites.

However, since videos are consumed via video platforms and because YouTube is by far the largest video platform, the term video SEO is mostly used synonymously with YouTube SEO.

What are the most important ranking factors for YouTube SEO?

  • requirements
  • More traffic with the right video length
  • The more traffic your video generates, the better it ranks – this also applies to YouTube. But the traffic is not determined by mere click numbers:

The most important ranking factor on YouTube is the watch time (playback time). As early as 2012, YouTube wrote that they were setting the focus here. The watch time is the product of the number of views multiplied by the video time consumed. A longer video length, therefore, ensures better watch time and brings your video forward. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should stretch your videos excessively and thus dilute the content. In any case, make sure that the content is or remains interesting.

Popular Brian Dean examined 1.3 million YouTube videos. His study found that longer videos actually ranked better than shorter ones. So far as the topic allows, he recommends a video length to be longer than 10 minutes.

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Video introduction

The first five to 15 seconds decide whether the user actually wants to see your video (further). For this reason, you should offer your visitor an optimal introduction in three steps:

Confirm right at the beginning that the topic is really about the topic teased in the title. The topic is why the user clicked on your video. A confirmation ensures that the user’s interest is maintained or re-awakened – keyword goldfish.

Explain your expertise: Provide your user with proof of why they can believe you. References to your experiences and give exact numbers here, for example: “The 12 exclusive tips that I will reveal to you have ensured that my videos on YouTube have regularly ranked in the top five results for two years. Before I applied these measures, my mother was my only subscriber. ”

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Confirm the topic once more and emphasize the user benefit by giving a short preview of the content: “You will learn 12 tips from me that will ensure that your videos are among the top search results on YouTube within a very short time being found.”