Your First Rodeo Show: How to Have the Best Time

Rodeo Show

Excitement over new experiences can soon fade into nervousness when people do not know what to expect. Rodeo fans anxious to see the events in person may feel uncomfortable attending the first time. Banish any stressful feelings and remember that these events are celebrations of a lifestyle and the skills of the people who live them. Everyone is welcome to attend a rodeo, and with a few tips, attending the event can become stress-free.  

Check the Schedule

Events like the rodeo in Auburn have something for everyone. Families, couples, individuals, and groups of friends will all find activities and enjoyment. Most rodeos offer special days that honor a specific group of people and include events tailored to these shows. Look for these opportunities to take part in days with special meaning.

Another consideration when buying tickets is waiting for days that offer savings opportunities. Rodeos are affordable live events, but attendees can save money by choosing family days, children’s hours, and using veteran or senior discounts. Read through the listings to see what each ticket includes to avoid missing anything.

Learn the Basics

Rodeos offer two event categories, so be sure to know when the preferred type will appear. Rough stock events are heart-pounding competitions where riders attempt to remain on the respective animal for eight seconds. Timed events require the participants to compete against others for the fastest time in popular tasks. Other events at a rodeo can include various types of entertainment and displays of skill.

Plan for Comfort

Know if the arena is enclosed or open. Enclosed event areas are typically more comfortable and climate controlled. An open event arena means planning for the weather to ensure comfort for everyone. 

Parking locations can also become a consideration. Some may be distant from the event, so check out shuttle availability and their schedules or look for alternatives if unable to walk the distance.

Every attendee should dress in clothing that makes them comfortable. It is acceptable, but not required, to choose a cowboy hat and boots. The events have a casual feel and a huge fan base of people from all income groups, ages, and more. Anyone attending the event will see fashion choices of all types because of the diversity.

Find Comfortable Accommodations

Plan to stay in town. If traveling to attend the rodeo, plan for a multi-day visit. The rodeo show may only last two or three hours, but there is much more to see than what happens in the arena. Tickets may include attendance to multiple-day events or concert finales. Cities that host rodeos often schedule other events to coincide with the rodeo to take advantage of the incoming crowds. Food stands, flea markets, and much more are also available for people to enjoy during their visit.

Attending a rodeo is a time for relaxing and joining in on the fun. Cheer for the performers, dance to the music, and try the food. Every organizer loves to see colorful photos and videos of the events, as do the participants in the arena. Take a camera to capture the memories and to share. A rodeo is a break from daily life, particularly for those who do not live on farms or ranches. Enjoy the sights and the excitement.