Things You Should Definitely Do in Bangalore 

Things You Should Definitely Do in Bangalore 

Talking about Bangalore, it is a busy city that everybody loves. If you don’t like this city, you don’t know it well. Come on, the city is not just all about work, IT, or deadlines; the land has a lively and exciting side too. You should go through this city in case you have never visited it.  You have no idea how amazing spots the city has to offer you. 

You can easily visit this city for an uplifting and exciting experience. The city is packed with options that you would love to explore. No matter you talk about historic spots, spiritual destinations, exciting events, or trekking destinations; the city has literally everything stored for you.  You can do many things once you are in the city. Have a look at some of the things that you must not miss. And before you visit Bangalore, make sure that you book your room in the Resorts in bangalore to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Visit to Tipu Sultan Fort

The Tipu Sultan Fort is spotted amidst an eventful market and it talks about the creative talent that prevailed in ancient epochs. The fort was originally built by Kempe Gowda in the year 1537. Mud bricks were hugely used in the construction of this artistic piece. However, it was much altered and long-drawn-out by Haider Ali. He made use of granite stones in this procedure of building. It was Tipu Sultan who finished the formation of it during the time of 1791.  

It is a two-storied structure that owns balconies, pillars, and stunningly carved arches.  It typifies beautiful Islamic chic and you can easily witness a Ganesha temple too. These are the lively gestures that show the spiritual tolerae of ncthe ruler. If you like to dive into the historic nadirs, you can pay a quick visit to the lively art gallery inside this fort.  The meaningful pictures, paintings, and carvings in the gallery are surely going to steal your heart.

A walk in Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens

This amazing botanical garden is one of the more refined and gorgeous botanical gardens you could see in India. It was made up by Haider Ali and eventually, it got altered by Tipu Sultan. The wonderful glasshouse in these beautiful gardens was stimulated by the London Crystal Palace. The massive and stunningly elegant spot is strewn in two hundred forty acres of land. The garden includes more than eighteen hundred species of trees, plants, and even that herbs. The icing on the cake is the lawn clock that is situated in this garden.  It is the first of its kind in the entire nation.

Explore the Taste of Bangalore Palace

The palace was founded by Chamaraja Wodeyar in 1884. The motivation behind this formation was England’s massive Windsor Castle.  The palace is spotted at the city’s center. The Tudor style construction has Gothic windows, discerning turrets, and wood carvings. These panaches stand as evidence of the remarkable architecture during the old period. The 430-acre land that includes the palace has splendid gardens. The palace is even organized for massive concerts and exhibitions.  The place is friendly for everyone. The style and the gardens together will definitely win your senses.

Cubbon Park awaits you 

How about doing a quick family or friends’ picnic at Cubbon Park? This park is lavish greenery enclosed by government buildings, magnificent cultural institutions, and other stunning historical monuments. This all makes for an area to explore. The symmetrical park nestled at this spot was a resting place for the dealers when they toured between Cantonment and old Bangalore. The gorgeous park is gifted with uncountable flowers, shady trees, groves, and even that of other floral species. The Queen’s Park, Seshadri Iyer Memorial Library, bamboo pond, bandstand, and BAL Bhavan children’s park make the destination a revitalizing picnic spot for everyone.

Remember, this is center that is a one-stop true cultural activity center for folks having different interests. The center encompasses three massive art galleries namely Belaku, Vismaya, and that of Chaya.  These showcase beautiful visual art like paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, and lovely artefacts. Rangasthala the auditorium here hosts diverse types of magic & comedy shows, the mesmeric puppet shows; kids play area blended with an interactive fountain, games, and structures.  You can even see a demo zone devoted to pottery & batik printing in the middle of others. Similarly, Nagara Pete at this place caters a chance for independent designers, tiny collectives, artists, the cottage industries, and also vintage shops to set their stalls. Icing on the cake is that the huge open area here houses Music Performances and Drum Jams.  The entire zone comes alive in the times of festivals.

Don’t miss out a beaming Sunrise at Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills not simply caters to a laid back attractive locale but even one with plenty of sites to visit. You can definitely fall in love with the Sunrise at this place. Don’t forget that Nandi Hills is a heaven for adventure lovers.  There are varied types of activities that you can do here such as cycling to trekking.  The hills offer a range of trek routes, all of the varied trouble levels. It is a wonderful place for everybody. Once you are there, you will get to do so many things and you are surely going to be content.

KR Market 

In case you love to do shopping or you feel alive when you scroll through different sooqs then this market should not be missed by you. KR market is absolutely an amazing bazaar area in Bangalore. It is the main marketplace of Bangalore and a paparazzo would surely love it. This destination comes alive in every single nook and corner. You can experience a lot of happiness and vivaciousness in this market. You would get everything you may be looking for out of your shopping venture here.


So, right from unwinding in parks to exploring the amazing destinations; you have everything to do in Bangalore. You must check out rooms in Resorts in bangalore and do your booking today for a wonderful and pleasant trip in Bangalore.