Tips to Choose a Yacht Charter for Your Vacation

Yacht Charter

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising. This can only mean one thing. It’s time to think about your summer vacation plans!

Instead of booking your usual week at the local beach, why not take your getaway up a notch by booking a private yacht charter? This can be an idyllic way to sail the open seas, allowing you and your loved ones to bask in the sun and enjoy a rare taste of true luxury.

Of course, the kind of experience you’ll have depends on the charter company you choose. Today, we’re sharing how to navigate your options and plan the trip of a lifetime. 

Ensure Yacht Company Experience and Expertise

When it comes to charter yachts, not every company is created equal. Before you hire one to whisk you away, take the time to make sure they’re experienced in this niche. 

The people you contact should be able to tell you everything you want to know about the yachts they’re recommending, as well as the team members responsible for them. They should also be familiar with your destination of choice and know which companies are most experienced in those areas. 

Keep in mind that many yacht charter brokers are avid sailors themselves. Ask if they’ve been on these specific yachts before. If so, how was their experience, and did they get along well with the crew members?

These insider tidbits can go a long way in helping you find a knowledgable and reputable charter company that meets all of your needs and expectations. 

Keep It Independent

If possible, try to book your vacation with an independent charter yacht broker. If they’re independent, they won’t be biased toward a particular yacht, nor will they have any vested interest in helping you book with one. 

This means they’re free to share their honest opinion on which company is the best fit. They will listen intently to your vision, and help you sort through the local options to find an ideal match. 

Booking through a broker is also a smarter move than booking with an independent yacht owner. While these owners will advertise their services and expertise, there is no way to verify that the information they’re sharing is accurate. They’re naturally going to elevate their own offerings so you’ll be tempted to book with them. 

Don’t Choose Broker Based on Price

Yacht owners pay brokers directly for their services. There are guidelines that set these broker fees, and they’re universal across the industry. As such, don’t be fooled by a broker who advertises an exclusive, especially low price. 

If they’re able to snag that deal, other brokers should have access to the same discount. This is why we recommend basing your decision on the service that a broker provides, rather than the price point. Your broker should make it easy to book a private yacht charter and answer all of your questions. 

When you ask them, “How much does it cost to charter a yacht?” they should be able to give you an array of options that fit into your budget, from low- and moderately-priced yachts to high-end luxury ones. 

Keep Your Territory Small

One mistake that people make when scheduling charter yachts? It’s easy to get over-enthusiastic and plan an extensive tour. When you try to cover as much ground as possible, you reduce your ability to really soak in the experience. 

Instead, talk to your guide about anchoring in the same spot for a few days, so you can fish, swim, or simply sunbathe above deck. If you partner with a reputable local owner, they should be able to gauge how long to spend in each locale so you can truly enjoy your time there. 

Ensure Availability 

Finally, make sure that the yacht charter you’re eyeing is available during your pre-determined vacation dates. If you’re a little flexible with your timeline, you may be able to achieve a lower rate in the off-season, though the weather might not be as ideal.

The charter representative should be able to tell you the dates they have available. They may even allow you to join a waiting list, so you’ll be the first to know of any cancellations and subsequent openings. 

One way to work around strict timelines? Look into one-day excursions! If your dream yacht is booked every weekend through the summer, consider taking a lunch cruise and enjoy a few blissful hours in the middle of the week instead.

Check Broker Knowledge

All reliable yacht brokers will do their best to stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates related to their industry. In many cases, this means attending national yachting conferences, where they can learn about new trends, technologies, and approaches. 

When searching for a luxury yacht charter broker, ask each prospect what they do to stay in the know on the most recent updates. In addition to learning the ins and outs of their sector, do they also take the time to go sailing with the companies they represent?

If they’ve made solid connections with local yachting crews, they automatically get bonus points. This means they’ve likely gone on board and spent time with these yachters and can attest to their personalities and expertise. To verify their knowledge and check their credentials, you can also ask for a list of references!

Enjoy Your Luxury Yacht Charter

A yacht charter promises to be a vacation unlike any other you’ve ever experienced. From the moment you step onboard until you dock for the last time, you can expect an interesting and enjoyable stay. 

Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen, your favorite bathing suit, and some great music. Before long, you’ll be sailing on the open seas, and your troubles will be miles behind you on the shore. 

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