Top 10 Best Writing Apps for iOS and Android (Free, 2018 Edition)

Nowadays we all are at the stage where everyone wants to write. Students want to write their college, university essay or assignment and some people want to articles and publish it on their blog directly from their smartphones. Smartphones are the life of the students, Now smartphones come with a large screen and many functionalities that’s why most people write their college essay, research paper, and articles for their blog on their smartphones.


10 Best Writing Apps for iOS and Android

In this article, I will tell you the best writing apps for Android according to me. Whether you are a student and writing your essay, assignment or you are a blogger and writer for their blog then you have to check these apps because these apps are best for the blogger and also for the students. If you are working on a blog with also a student and don’t have time for college university essay, assignment and want to buy essay or any research paper online then go to  it is the best site for students and for blogger, use these apps for article writing.

Top Writing Apps for Android and iOS (2018  Edition)

1. Microsoft Word

I don’t think that I would suggest you to using Microsoft word other than many writing apps but its reality that recently Microsoft update their functions and improved the android application now at this time Microsoft word become the best writing app for everyone.

2. Monospace Writer Beta

Monospace writer beta is the best app application of the android. It provides the dark theme that is best for the students and also for the blogger. The new feature of monospace writer beta is you can organize your work with hashtags don’t need to create a folder for your different work. Now the updated version of monospace writer beta also supports Dropbox synchronization.

3. JotterPad

JotterPad is the one of the best writing application of android because this app is well designed and has many features as compared to other apps. You have the option in JotterPad to upload or export PDF and also DOCX files. This application is free for everyone but you have to pay a single amount for some of its amazing and creative features.

If you all are looking for a laptop on your android phone then jotterpad is the best android laptop for you because of its best features and functionality. Its full version is better as compared to free version but you have to pay a single amount for a full version of jotterpad.

4. iAwriter

IAwriter is also the one of the best writing application for Android. Because its performance is brilliant on android devices. While android version is a little bit late but still a good writing application. It has the additional features like syntax highlighting it means this app allows you to see nouns, adverbs, adjectives conjunctions and many more in your every document.

5. Evernote

The overall performance of Evernote is the best for every student and also for every blogger, Evernote is a popular and amazing writing app that is also a document scanner app, organizer, and many more for students. The user interface of Evernote is not good but in return, everyone gets too many other features from Evernote.  The best feature of Evernote is this app synchronizes your notes files from your own cloud service Evernote also import PDF files.

Some Other Important Apps for Android and iOS

6. Editorial

7. Drafts 4

8. Write

9. Ulysses

10. OmniOutliner 2

Last Words about Free Writing Apps for Android and iOS

So, guys, we have written all free and top writing apps for Android and iOS users, If you want to write something cool, just try these apps and you will love it. Don’t forget to mention the name of your choice in comment-box.