Is WordPress really “the best” to create your website?

WordPress prompts as a go-to platform when building a new website is considered. It’s obvious that WordPress offers some decent features, but it’s more about the mindset of the people that denies them to try some other website creators if the platform can do wonders for your upcoming website.

Just because WordPress was once the best platform for getting started with your websites, it doesn’t mean it still is the best.


We have the likes of BOWWE Website Builder, the website created over 12 years. BOWWE Website Builder is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of small and medium-scale businesses looking to bring their business online. Because BOWWE Website Builder believes in no-code methodology, it requires a person to have zero technical knowledge of coding and HTML. A non-techie can also get going with a website on BOWWE Website Builder.

Since WordPress provides more of a general-purpose solution and doesn’t solve the needs of small businesses, it mostly fails to provide an effective solution to the small and medium businesses backing their core capabilities.

Let’s try to understand why BOWWE Website Builder is better WordPress:

Creating and managing a website:

Creating a website on WordPress and managing it to the best is very difficult for a person with no technical background. The person might be able to update regular content and other updates on the blog but cannot enjoy the full authority over the website because he cannot unleash the full potential of the available options. On the other hand, BOWWE can be used by a prudent man with ease.


WordPress is very easy to use only till the point when it is about posting and updating content. However, for more complex operations like modifying a ready template, it’s imperative for you to have a decent knowledge of HTML. In the case of BOWWE Website Builder, thanks to the user-friendly interface, it guesses the desired action and suggests the best possible output.

Designs and customization:

You must have heard WordPress offers thousands of free and paid templates for websites. But do you know it’s very difficult to modify those templates according to your needs without the proper knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? In the end, you’ll end up with a general-purpose template-based website that many others might have selected as well.

BOWWE Website Builder might not have as many templates like WordPress, but it gives you the benefit of modifying the templates according to your own ideas and needs. This way you’ll save on the cost of hiring a graphic designer. Moreover, BOWWE Website Builder gives you the preview feature to see how the website will work on other devices as well.

Templates Quality:

The reason WordPress has an increasingly high number of paid and freely available templates is that it allows selling templates. The creator of the templates doesn’t have any idea about your business and the purpose you will use it for. Such websites don’t stand a great chance to generate leads for you. BOWWE Website Builder has some high-quality templates that focus on bringing sales to your website at the same time working on the aesthetics part.

Some highlight features of BOWWE Website Builder:

  • With the high-quality code for each website, you can expect higher rankings on SERP results in way higher than template-based websites on WordPress.
  • It’s easier to manage the website given its extremely simple user interface, any prudent person can manage a website. You don’t need to hire a dedicated person to do that.
  • Hassle-free page editing, no need to hire a developer.
  • Fully responsive pages, compatible with all devices, whether it’s a desktop, a mobile or a laptop.
  • It’s extremely simple and fast to add and update content on BOWWE Website Builder. It won’t cost you more than 5 minutes to add or update content on your website provided you have the content ready. This ensures better SERP rankings.
  • Insulation from hackers and malicious programs as the code for each page is stored in the secure servers of BOWWE Website Builder.