A Winter Guide to Style Your Loafers

Style Your Loafers

Some people associate winter with boots solely, but loafers, which are generally associated with summer, may be utilized to add a bit of casual flair to a variety of winter outfits. A pair of well-polished leather loafers may appear slick and fashionable when worn properly and with the right attire, whether it’s for work, Saturday lunch with friends, or date night. Simply follow these few guidelines. A black loafer shoe men could possibly be paired with every item in their winter closet, making it a perfect shoe.

Is it preferable to wear loafers or wear Chelseas? And which one is better for work? What do you do with a pair of cropped slacks? And how does one traverse a turn-sartorial up’s minefield? Our guide on wearing winter footwear is here to assist you through the numerous possible dangers.

General style tips for winter

  • No naked ankles here!

First and foremost, when wearing your slip-on with your winter apparel, it’s critical not to expose your ankles to the outdoors, especially in colder climates. Before you step into them, remember to put on a pair of good-quality woolen socks. Because loafers are so low-cut, a pair of basic socks may truly show off your style. To make a bold statement that brightens up dull days, go for a wintery design or a flash of color.

  • Straight cut pants for the entire season

When wearing any form of low-top shoe, it’s likely that you’ll have trouble getting your trousers to the proper length. They’ll puddle and drown the shoe if they’re too long; if they’re too short, you’ll merely look ridiculous. Choosing tapered trousers with a modest crop is the greatest option.

  • Get all the sock options

Choose a bright, block color sock in something like yellow or purple if you’re wearing sneakers or casual shoes (such as desert boots). Stick to a tonal tone if you’re wearing smarter shoes (navy trousers = slightly paler or darker blue socks). In this manner, the potentially inconvenient gap between pants and shoes will become a feature — pretending it doesn’t exist will just make it worse.

  • Never tuck your pants in

A number of brands, who shall remain nameless, perpetuated a deception in the 1990s. It was a falsehood that led numerous guys to feel that dressing like a pirate and tucking their trousers into their boots was okay. This was never a thing and will never become one. 

How to wear your loafers in the winter

  • Classic Blue

A pair of slim dark denim or even ripped jeans is one of the chicest and easiest ways to wear Loafers. They look stunning when worn with dark jeans and a Navy Blue Blazer, and a hint of mustard yellow. During the winters, it is best to stick to darker muted shades of all your favorite colors. 

It should look like this: A pair of slim dark denim or even ripped jeans is one of the chicest and easiest ways to wear Loafers. They look stunning when worn with dark jeans and a Navy Blue Blazer, and a hint of mustard yellow. During the winters, it is best to stick to darker muted shades of all your favorite colors. Visit Blank Label to know more about wearing jeans.

  • Punk Rock Edgy

How does this preppy Broadway shoe become edgy? Let us show you. When you pair black loafer shoes for men with ripped denim, a leather jacket, and a basic white t-shirt, you’ll create a much edgier and rock and roll-inspired appearance.

  • Preppy

A grey pinstriped jacket and some burgundy slacks, and matching loafers. Now that is preppy. Basically, if you have some corduroy pants and a color block in your outfit, then you are good to go. Long coats, too, are great for the ultimate winter look. Remember that suede is ideal for more ambiguous dress rules. Make sure your apparel is well-tailored. Choose cherry reds, emerald greens, or azure blue loafers for a splash of color in semi-formal outfits, but style with caution. Brighter loafers should be paired with more modest, traditional tones like navies and whites to add a subtle touch to your ensemble. Complete your sophisticated look with our curated collection of mens loafers.

  • Any and all Black Tie events

The secret to wearing loafers for a formal look is to select the appropriate material. Patent leather loafers can give a formal ensemble a lot of depth and definition. To keep things sophisticated and dapper, choose patent leather loafers in timeless colors like black. Choose more textured loafers for a unique and distinctive outfit that will make your shoes stand out. What’s our pick? A velvet loafer that can be dressed up and will give your outfit more dimension. They will give your look a classic and opulent feel to them.

  • Styled for the Street

It’s simple to put together and wonderfully blend sophistication with a hint of city style, as well as enough comfort for those long days spent running about the city. So embrace your inner supermodel and mix your slip-on Loafers with your favorite jeans to obtain that fashionable and easy-to-wear street style appearance.


Loafers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They’ve been around for almost a century and have withstood all the fashion evolutions. From rock n roll to preppy aesthetics. You truly can’t go wrong with a black loafer shoe for men, no matter how you style them. Simply use your imagination and follow your gut instincts and purchase the loafers you want online by getting quality products at the best price. Your Loafers will go fantastic with just about anything, whether you want to create a traditional and sophisticated look, an off-duty street style vibe, or embody that back-to-school preppy appearance. This versatile shoe won’t leave your side all year round.