Why Well-Written Content Is Significant in Content Marketing

Why Well-Written Content Is Significant in Content Marketing
Why Well-Written Content Is Significant in Content Marketing

Each student who studies marketing faces this topic. If you have found this post, you have probably been assigned a paper on a content marketing topic and may need some help. If you need to write a report on this topic, you can get help with report writing on special services. If you are not a student but are simply interested in this topic, check out the Why Well-Written Content Is Significant in Content Marketing article. 

Recent studies have shown that subscribers no longer read short blog posts. But in the case of long texts, where there is an expert opinion and an analytical view, the number of views will be higher. Let’s find out why well-written content is significant in content marketing and what to expect in 2020 if you have your own blog, including corporate ones. 

1. The fashion of long texts

Long texts are back in fashion. Enterprises increase sales and increase the target audience thanks to quality articles with interesting research. Readers tend to trust stories about the company’s impact on the industry. According to Brian Dean, authoritative SEO specialist and author of the Backlinko blog, on average, the texts that appear on the first page of a Google search consist of at least 1,890 words. The analysis is reliable – it covers more than a million posts. The same study noted that long posts overtake short posts in search engines.

Do you think 1,890 words are too much? You should select a topic and highlight several aspects in it. Write down the theses. Indicate statistics, facts, and an example. When the outline of the article is ready, you can start writing. As a result, you might be surprised that 1,890 words is even not enough for you.

2. Short forms are useful in social networks

Of course, traditional posts from 300 to 1,000 words can also be interesting. Although Google will appreciate long texts more, it’s too early to forget about shorter forms. Marketers from the British digital agency Ayima say: Facebook, WeChat, and Baidu are incredibly popular among Asians. The potential target audience reads posts while in transport or standing in line. 

Therefore, you should not limit yourself to extensive blog material. Make announcements for texts in social networks, creating intrigue using shorter text. Let the audience know what happened in your company and attract readers from the news feed.

For example, American writer Baratunde Thurston used this trick to increase sales of his latest book. He was still writing the novel, but he posted plot details and episodes on social networks. Of course, fans could not wait for the work to be released. The hype was ensured.

3. Write more often

You have created a blog, decided on a thematic plan, and you alternate with long and short posts. What else is important? Of course, the regularity of publications is significant. It is advisable to post articles once a day. In 2020, this is essentially the number one rule.

Not everyone monitors the high frequency of publications on their blogs. The excuses are different: there is no time, it is expensive, or it takes too much effort. This year, you need to write posts often online, creating a continuous cycle of posting articles and searching for fresh ideas for content.

A daily post strategy will make you a recognized source of valuable information in your area. Over time, consumers will realize that it is your company that provides the latest news about what is happening in a particular industry. So, it is your product that will attract attention.

Content marketing can’t exist without written content. It is important to stick to the latest trends in order to make your content strategy effective. Follow our tips and you will be successful in content marketing.