Why Varsity Jackets Are Still A Thing

Why Varsity Jackets Are Still A Thing

When it comes to unisex wardrobe pieces, there’s nothing more iconic than the varsity jacket, also known as “Letterman” jackets.

First introduced in the mid-1800s, this classic fashion piece has become a must-have in every wardrobe of both men and women. Even to this day, varsity jackets are still a thing.

What makes varsity jackets timeless? Here are four reasons why.

Sense of prestige

Many of us have secretly dreamed of donning our school’s official sports team letterman jacket. Wearing our high school or college official varsity jacket seems to give a sense of pride and hard work. Well, it’s true. In not so long ago, the school’s official athletic clothing was exclusive to the top athletes. To be able to wear one, you need to be among the best athletes. The long history attached to the varsity jacket gives it some sense of elitism and prestige.

Well, now anyone can don a varsity jacket. The exclusivity of college jackets has worn off and they’ve become a staple fashion piece. From Calvin Klein to Guess, top clothing lines have their unique iteration of this classic American sportswear to suit your fashion sense.

Celebrity favorite

Fresh, modern updates make varsity jackets ever trendy and fashionable. Because of these reinventions, they’ve never gone out-of-style. Aside from college studs and athletes, varsity jackets also enjoy a celebrity following with fan favorites such as Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson, Ryan Gosling, and Zach Efron. These trendsetters have been spotted donning letterman topper and they look fabulous on it. They lend their star power to varsity jackets making the clothing piece even more popular.


Even after numerous overhauls and long evolutionary process, this iconic wardrobe has retained the relaxed fit that makes it a super versatile outwear piece. Perhaps this is one of the best characteristics of the varsity jacket that has endeared us to it. You can pair it up with your go-to skinny jeans, a simple shirt, and a classic pump – and still, look great. If you want to go a bit formal, don it on top of a collared shirt or polo. For girls, it can be worn along with a flouncy dress or leather skirt to achieve that varsity-chic style.

Although this wardrobe is a pinnacle of fall fashion, varsity jackets are still worn in different seasons. They can be worn during the wintry months as well as during the warm summer months.

Continuous reinvention

There’s probably no apparel that can beat varsity jackets in terms of evolution. Having been around for over two centuries now, this historical apparel has undergone so many reinventions. Every year, countless brands release their new re-designs and fresh retouches on this iconic piece. From color and material to cut and fit, varsity jackets are constantly changing every year which gives it an eternal staying power.

The modern varsity jackets are indistinguishable when compared to their predecessors. Today’s college jackets have outgrown the traditional “letters” that represent the college, which has been replaced with logos and other cool icons or emblems. These letters have also moved throughout the face of the jacket from the center front to the center back – and now they can be seen at the right chest part or the arm. From one-color, they now come in multi-color college designs that look chic and trendy.

These, among many other great reasons, give varsity jackets its incredible staying power.


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