Why Thin Content Is Big No For SEO?

Why Thin Content Is Big No For SEO

When it comes to SEO we all have heard of the adage ‘content is king’. If you are serious about SEO, then you have to make sure that you are providing good content for your visitors. Many assume that SEO is all about producing content based on keywords. This is not true at all. Quality content is what drives better ranking. Not otherwise. You need to write quality content for the visitors. The content must be original. You cannot survive long with poorly written content. You should only focus on the keywords which are relevant to your website.

If you really wish to reach out to your target audience across the globe, it is important to give priority to quality content. You need to provide relevant content to the people who come to your website looking for it. Then you can turn them into returning readers or customers. Only quality content will appeal to a larger audience. Only this can ensure that you will have quality sales leads.

At the same time, poor content can be the biggest roadblock to the growth of your website. You will be quick to realize that search engines penalize you for churning out poorly written content. This will do no good for the growth of your business. Here in this article, we are going to learn more about the perils of thin content. By thin content, we simply mean low-quality content.

Understanding thin content

  • As we have just mentioned substandard or low-quality content is referred to as thin content. It will not help your business at all.
  • Pages that have little or no content are penalized by Google and other search engines.
  • Search engines have algorithms to figure out thin content pages so on-page optimization is important.
  • You should stay away from creating mass content with similar content. This is not going to help your website at all.
  • You should also fight against duplicate content. Plagiarized content will destroy your reputation as a trustworthy content provider.
  • Another mistake that everyone makes is to provide content filled with keywords. Such content is also referred to as thin content. Google will not be kind to you if you have resorted to giving thin content that offers nothing useful to the visitors.
  • You need to keep in mind that search engines have become a lot smarter over the years and they have mechanisms in place to distinguish poor quality content and good quality content. So you should tread very carefully there.

Understanding the preference of Google

It is really important to spend some time to understand the preferences of Google. This will help you in your pursuit. You may want to consider using SEO services to help you do this. Google has the policy to provide the best quality content to its users. For the same, Google will not be forgiving if they think that you are feeding thin content. For the same reason, you should give more importance to providing quality content to your target audience. Google will appreciate it when they see that you are providing quality content.

Whatever be the theme you would like to rank for, you need to come up with quality content. Your duty is to provide answers to the questions asked by the target audience. Only this will help you to rank better compared to your competition. Google looks like thin content like a disease, which is actually the case. You might be tempted to provide thin content to your target audience. Well, the results can be disastrous. You should bear this in mind when you write content.