Why Should You Use Magento to Build Your Online Store?

Magento to Build Your Online Store
Magento to Build Your Online Store

When it comes to choosing the ideal e-commerce platform, Magento would probably be the first name that strikes your mind. Right? But why only Magento when you have a line of options like Shopify, Big Commerce, Woo Commerce, etc., available in the market? We have an answer to this question. Here, you can find the details about Magento to build your online store.

Magento is well known for its impressive features, great capabilities, and a vast range of built-in themes and attractive templates that help in crafting an online store that fits your e-commerce needs. Although every e-commerce platform has its pros and cons, Magento gives several reasons to choose this over others. In this blog post, we have covered every reason that will make you say a big yes to this popular and widely used e-commerce platform, Magento. So, before hiring Magento developers, make sure you know the reason why choose Magento for your e-commerce store. Let’s dig out – why one should use Magento to build a powerful and result-driven online store.

Check out the below-listed points-

Perfectly Meet Your E-commerce Needs

According to Magento, it is mentioned that more than 250,000 merchants across the globe choose Magento as their digital e-commerce platform. So, what’s the reason behind it? The first one is its impressive framework, built keeping in mind the e-commerce platform needs only, which makes it different from others. Other content management platforms like WordPress gained the e-commerce functionalities with the assistance of the external plugin. Magento is a perfect platform that gives your business a competitive edge that no other platform could ever give. Even the features, such as enhanced shipping functionality, inventory and product management, and payment integrations like Paypal, works great in creating an online store that delivers an excellent user experience.

Ease of Choosing Your Own Hosting Service

Another great reason to choose Magento is that it offers the full-liberty in selecting a hosting of your choice. Yes, the Magento framework provides flexible hosting, which adds more reason to our list. You cannot enjoy such benefits with other e-commerce platforms like Shopify. The list of advantages doesn’t end here. If you are not satisfied with your existing hosting service provider, switching to a different host is possible in Magento. You don’t need to install any third-party app or plugins for switching to another host. So, saying yes to Magento development for your e-commerce store can be the next smart move you can be proud of.

Magento comes in three versions, i.e., Community Edition (free), Enterprise Edition (paid), and Go Edition (paid and hosted by Magento servers). Upgrading to Magento Go can give you access to the benefits of a hosted platform and several other features of Magento Community Edition.

Easy App Integrations

It is obvious that you will need third-party integrations & plugins for more control over your online store. Most e-commerce platforms don’t offer control over third-party integration and charge high for using plugins and extensions. Here, Magento gives us one more reason to choose this platform. Magento offers easy app integrations. Thanks to extensible API that develop a connection with payment gateways, shipment methods, analytics, and so on. Most of the plugins are free of cost that helps a user to save more. Some premium extensions may cost a small amount of money that won’t burden your pocket.


Magento is fully customizable. It is super easy with Magento to alter everything you need to fulfill your e-commerce needs. This customization feature of Magento makes this e-commerce platform perfect for different industries’ niches ranging from health to furniture. On the other hand, the modular technology of this e-commerce platform allows the merchant to improve the customer experience. Hire a professional that can help you in modifying the plugins and templates as per your requirements. Whether it’s a backend or frontend of your site, the modification has become easier to meet your e-commerce needs.


Around 250,000+ merchants across the globe use the Magento e-commerce platform because of its several features, and one of them is its speed. Yes, it is fast. Magento uses varnish to cache pages, and fast query processing improves the speed of this e-commerce platform that also improve the merchant’s personal experience with the platform. Several database optimization techniques, including Memcached and Redis, also make Magento fast. So, when you have such a great platform to choose from for your e-commerce store, then waiting for even a minute seems like wasting time. Choose Magento today!


Choosing the right e-commerce platform can make a difference in terms of enhancing overall website performance. So, it is essential to check whether you should go with Magento or not. All the points mentioned above show that Magento is equipped with unmatchable features that no other e-commerce platform holds. Choose Magento to give a great start to your online business today!

About the author: Rio is a Website Designer who helps businesses to increase their online presence with the help of engaging websites. He is the Founder & CEO of Webomaze Web Design Melbourne, a One-Stop Digital Agency based in Melbourne that specializes in Web Design.