Why Retractable Screens Are Great For Your Home


As the seasons come and go, your home should be equipped to deal with whatever weather nature decides to throw your way. When it comes to the warm spring after winter, it is always nice to be able to take a walk outside and breathe in the fresh air. That is, of course, if you can manage to keep the dust and pesky bugs out when you open the doors and windows. A perfect solution would be to get them properly screened. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of flowing air, without worrying about the potential problems. Why retractable screens door will be a handy addition to any home. It’s time to make your life more comfortable during the good weather seasons!

Why Retractable Screens Are Great For Your Home

Before we get into the fine details, it is important to know exactly what a retractable screen door is. Basically, it is a door that pulls back from the door entryway, instead of swinging in or out. At the very core of it, as the name suggests, is the ability to retract. When not in use, these motorized retractable screens can roll up into protective housing, and are essentially invisible when not in use.

The more commonly seen retractable screen doors are of two types. The flexible screen is usually drawn across the door frame whenever your needs call for it. You can easily roll it up into the housing when not in use. Perfect for both single doors and the wider double doorways, such retractable screen doors are fixed with tracks running on the top and the bottom of the frame. 

For those that require stronger protection against the elements, the storm-style retractable screen door gives you the protection you need, together with the utility of a retractable screen. This particular type allows the glass to be dropped down, and a screen to be used as and when the situation dictates.

Benefits Of Using A Retractable Screen Door

By integrating the use of the retractable screen doors in your home, you can definitely find some great benefits. Here are just a few of the ways homeowners can benefit from this new option.

Improved View

For starters, your view is going to get much better. The standard door screens that are always in use already obstruct the view, but they are also a popular place for dust, cobwebs, and even insects to get stuck in. 

With a retractable screen door, you can easily avoid that problem and keep things clear when you much rather have a good view. Cleaning will also be much easier with the less time your retractable screen door spends outside.

Eliminating The Need For Storm Doors

In today’s markets, it is highly unlikely that you will find the traditional metal storm doors being used. With most exterior doors now made from metal or fiberglass, they are already quite efficient in keeping out the cold. 

A retractable screen door works all year round and can help homeowners ward off the elements without the fear of cold air or overheating happening to your property. 

Healthy Lifestyle

As a general rule of thumb, it is never too good to be stuck in a room breathing in the same air. The quality of air indoors is extremely important when it comes to your health and well-being. If you are forced to keep your doors and windows shut due to conditions, the air inside is not getting circulating. This can only result in respiratory problems.

If you need fresh air flowing through the house without debris, the retractable screen door is your best helper. It is the fastest and easiest way for you to get air moving through the house again.


Let’s face it, if you are in and out of the house a lot, it can be a hassle getting through a traditional screen door. This is a problem made even worse if you have kids or pets milling about. If you find yourself having your hands full, you might have some difficulty getting the screen door open.

A retractable screen door solves that instantly. All you need is a little effort and just one hand and you will be through in no time.

Impress The Guests

While the retractable screen door is not exactly something new, it is still not widely adopted by homeowners. For those of us who are always looking forward to having the latest technology or gadget to make our lives easier, installing a retractable screen door is definitely a step in the right direction. Anyone who has not seen the equipment in action is in for a treat, that is for sure.

At the end of the day, homeowners all around the world have plenty of reasons to look into the possibility of installing a retractable screen door. You get the benefits of a good airflow, without worrying about dust or debris clogging up the view, and you can always roll it up when it is not required.