Why Programmatic Digital Marketing Is A Must In 2019

Why Programmatic Digital Marketing Is A Must In 2019

Digital marketing experts are always on the lookout for something new to stay ahead of the competition. While programmatic advertising may have been optional in the past two years, in 2019, it’s becoming a must-have. According to emarketer stats, by 2020, almost 90% of all mobile display ads will transact programmatically.

With the whole world relying on artificial intelligence and automation to perform numerous tasks, marketing is not an exception. Programmatic advertising was created to assist with tough marketing campaign efforts and improve the results. So why do you need to dig deeper into the subject this year?

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising (PA) employs AI to place ads on websites, which can offer the highest conversion rates for the client. The process is automated, thus freeing up time for other tasks within the marketing campaign. PA can be used for SMM, mobile and video campaigns, and even TV ad marketplaces.

1. Improved Targeting Strategy

The goal of any marketing campaign is to bring in more clients. To do that, you need to find them. PA offers you an ability to target the potential buyers faster than the majority of methods do. AI analyses a big volume of data to find the right audience for your company.

Marketing experts can use PA to target different demographics. You can single out the parameters, which you want the program to focus on, and it will show the ads where these people are likely to see it. You can:

  • Find consumers based on the apps or websites they visit
  • Target the audience based on demographics
  • Target customers based on their location
  • Re-target existing customers

PA allows you to follow users to other websites as long as they are using the same logins across their devices.

2. Better ROI

Investing in programmatic ads allows you to free your marketing team members to focus their attention on other tasks. It helps you enjoy an efficient campaign with a low budget. When you work with a regular PPC campaign, you waste money on useless clicks. With PA, the number of such clicks is reduced tremendously.

The impressive targeting capabilities of PA brings the ad in front of people, who are highly likely to make a purchase or book an appointment after clicking them.

At the same time, many third parties are eliminated during the ad posting process. You don’t need to negotiate with website owners and publishers since PA does it for you. When the ad posting process is automated with the assistance of the PA, the ad space often ends up being cheaper.

According to experts from a digital marketing company, War Room Inc., small businesses can benefit immensely from the PA ROI by cutting the size of their marketing teams.

3. Impressive Tracking Options

One of the most useful features of programmatic advertising is advanced tracking options. The user gets an opportunity to track each ad click, thus having a chance at categorizing each conversion and determining its value. This data is highly important for further marketing efforts. It can’t be collected by using traditional advertising methods.

PA also allows you to track the user’s actions after he or she visits your websites upon clicking the ad. If the users don’t delete cookies, you can have extensive information about their actions even if they come to your website a month after the first click.

By using Google Maps, you can even go further and find out if the user clicking your ad ends up going to your brick-and-mortar store or office.

Final Thoughts

Considering the ever-changing digital marketing industry, failing to take advantage of something as useful as programmatic advertising can turn into a disaster. If staying one step ahead of the competition is your goal, you must take advantage of the vast possibilities offered by this method.