Why organic search engine rankings in Dallas-Fort Worth are not only relevant but vital to your marketing strategy

Why organic search engine rankings in Dallas
Why organic search engine rankings in Dallas

Many people think ranking for keywords is time-consuming and complex and they are half-right. If you are unfamiliar with the territory, it is natural to be overwhelmed and confused. As a business owner, if you are not optimizing your search listings and website then quite simply you are leaving money on the table. But it is also understandable, given the many hats that you have to wear, things like SEO can take a back seat and go low on your priority list. Below in this article, we will cover the Why organic search engine rankings in Dallas.

You cannot afford to ignore SEO

We have seen the recent surge in advocacy of paid advertising recently and you might have heard things like organic search is on the way out but nothing could be further from the truth. If you are selling anything on your website, you need to be present on the first page for your keywords. If you aren’t, your competition is. Over 95% of shoppers begin their journey via some form of web search and if your site isn’t reasonably optimized and you aren’t ranking for your keywords, you will be missing out on that traffic.

SEO Simplified

You do not have to have a Master’s in Search engine optimization, if there is such a degree, to be able to understand and implement SEO. But you do need a strong foundation with an understanding of how it works familiarity with elements like the search console.

Simply put, SEO is the practice of ranking on top of search results for your relevant and desired keywords. You are competing for the search terms that your potential customers are typing into their search engines, after all, it is someone looking for the exact solutions that you are providing, making them a hot lead. Naturally, your competitors also want to appear on the first page, for more or less the same keywords, and hence ensures a battle of first-page domination.

You might ask yourself, why only the first page? Well, forget the first page, statistically speaking over 90% of clicks are received by only the top 3-4 results so the page below the fold is pretty much ignored.

The Trust Factor

Another interesting perspective, that isn’t much talked about when talking about SEO is that it is almost like a recommendation from a friend. There is a relationship that we have with our favorite search engines and we look forward to the results they generate, somewhat trusting them. Appearing in organic results on top of pages alludes that your website is authentic and trusted by the search engine, otherwise, it simply wouldn’t be able to rank.

Compare this with ads, sneakily making their way and sometimes even pushed through your feeds. Like intruders, they are unwelcomed, while organic rankings are like guests you have invited yourself.

To conclude:

If your business is around the Dallas Fort Worth area, then you need to do local SEO. There is no reason for people searching for services or products you offer, should land on your competitor’s website when they search for keywords like Product/Service in Dallas TX. Check out Dallas SEO Geek if you require professional help and be on your way to the top of the first page.