Why Modern Software Development Practices Are Good For Your Business

Why Modern Software Development Practices Are Good For Your Business

Notably, many entities put a lot of attention on tech but less focus business aspect of an implementation. This is a negative scenario that needs to be overturned. In fact, 90% of focus should be directed to the business side and 10% on tech implementation. The best part of issues relating to the implementation of the new CRM relates to the business.

This is also conventionally natural based on how new technologies are implemented, such as IT solutions rather than business solutions. Whenever a product including configurations is provided, the work is considered done. However, when there are exposures to rapid changes, there is a need for business organizations to be more agile. For this reason, it is extremely difficult to come up one way of accomplishing tasks that will be effective even a few years to come.

In most cases, adjustments are made after every twelve months. All said it is important for the tech aspect to be as flexible as possible when it comes to implementation. Remember the motivation behind the implementation of new software solutions is the desire to improve business efficiency. If this need is satisfied, there is absolutely no reason to spend on project implementations.

Recent studies show that businesses implementing contemporary software practices gets more benefits compared to the ones that do not. For instance, in a survey involving a total of 460 senior officials from six different European countries, among them the United Kingdom, entities which have embraced a modern and flexible approach when it comes to software development were significantly benefiting from up to 70% profit growth, moving beyond mainstream businesses on the basis of growth and satisfaction to clients. Besides, 57% of these entities were of the opinions that their organizations clearly understand what clients want and expect from them. As a result, they were in a position to guarantee high levels of customer satisfaction to the extent possible, unlike only 24% of the mainstream entities. Nevertheless, the study shows that the struggle to be at the forefront of software development is frustrated by challenges in getting the appropriate talent.

Evidently, if you lack a modern approach to software as well as the appropriate factory required in order to live up to your vision, you will lag behind as others progress. Simply put, businesses that embrace modern software development practices experience faster growth than those that do not. So then, let us break these concepts further and see why modern software development practices are good for your business.

Why Modern Software Development Practices Are Good for Your Business

Modern software development practices are very important to the growth of your business in this competitive business world. As outlined in the preceding section, these practices boost the efficiency of your business operations and promotes user engagement along with customer following. Undeniably, the first impression is very important and has effects on your target audience by means of the digital product. In other words, the success of your business depends on the adoption of software development practices. The following are some of the reasons and facts that fortify this assertion:

Increase performance and the level of productivity

Generally, modern software practices lead to evolution and efficiency in the prevailing workflows, building upon them. Nevertheless, this is not limited to Agile and DevOps only. By means of version control programs such as Git and Mercurial, clients adopt digital transformation with the level of performance increases significantly by 33 percent. Since numbers never lie, this gives evidence that software development practices definitely counts.

Customer Engagement

With an increased rate of product releases along with heightened software development rapidity in development teams, your business engages users further and often relate with them. Besides, the augmented velocity leads to additional functionalities and varieties to your inventive products, in so doing modernizing the existing platforms and offering an immersive digital understanding.

Cooperation with Team Members

Through modern software development practices, your team can effectively work in agreement towards a vision shared by both the company and its officials. Agile practices along with DevOps solutions methodologies replace and rationalize development operations through Continuous Integration techniques and Automated Testing approaches. In addition, Current DevOps practices offer deep understandings and a seamless partnership between the Development and Operation staffs, therefore generating solutions from the organizations’ perspective. This gets rid of the jargons and all the troubles often experienced during code creation and deployment of systems.

The products are scalable

Scalable frameworks and workflows through modern software development practices guarantee the future of your business. Besides, cloud migration comes at the right time in order to leverage the scalability of cloud computing.

High ROI

Modern software development practices put first the interests of customers. Companies such as Svitla Systems software development companies develop solutions on the basis of customers’ needs and expectations. As you would expect, rewriting the prevailing programs with modern practices leads to iterating and developing software quickly, making it quite responsive and pleasant for the client. Since a wider reach is attained, a high ROI is guaranteed.


It is foolish to expect a software solution adopted in 2019 to continue being relevance by 2022 in the current competitive business world. Modern software development practices are pivotal to the success and growth of your business. This blog has discussed five points that ascertain this claim.  Business organizations should endeavor to embrace these practices at all costs in order to remain effective.

Author Bio: Umar Bajwa is a young business enthusiast and content coordinator at AppModo loves to write about Mobile Apps, Technology, Health, and Life Style & Digital Marketing