Why cricket is the best way to increase your income

cricket is the best way

It is no lie that cricket is the most famous sport in India, and as a result, the popularity of cricket betting has grown immensely. The big sport is cherished by Indians, who are also big on sports betting. This is why cricket and sports betting pair in perfect harmony.

The passion and dedication that Indians have for cricket can never be put into words. Some cricket fans consider it as a religion. With the rise in the digital space, most homes have cricket fanatics who watch the live cast of cricket series with thrill and excitement. After the first world cup, the Indian team continued to reign in other competitions globally. According to India’s most popular betting sites, the most-wagered cricket event is the Indian Premier League. 

Reasons why cricket betting is popular in India 

Beginners, as well as experts, play cricket. The enormous love and admiration of Indians began when the Indian National team won their first world cup in 1983. The achievement was truly remarkable and left a significant legacy in Indian cricket, resulting in many Indians watching cricket today.

Another reason why many Indians are leaning more towards cricket betting is due to the convenience it brings. With internet access in most parts of the country, one can bet anytime and anywhere. One also has access to a variety of betting options without any stress. Online sports betting enriched the cricket experience of not just watching but playing, giving everyone access to enjoy the sport. 

The population in India has been increasing over the past decade to an estimate of 1.38 billion, with more than half having access to the internet. One of the reports depicts that the country has 749 million internet users, with a majority going online with mobile apps. It is estimated that in the year 2040, the number of mobile users will reach 1.5 billion. 

With that in mind, cricket betting in India is predicted to blow up. A betting report claimed that over 370 million Indians placed bets on significant cricket events: The Indian Premier League, The ICC Men’s T20 world cup, and the Ashes Series. In addition, another 140 million would vote on the regular cricket matches held every year during the country tours. 

Many international betting sites see enormous potential in Indian cricket betting; that is why they are slowly tapping into the market with tailor-made services. They include allowing transactions in Rupees, and they offer payment options that are well accepted in India like UPI, Astropay, PhonePe, and many more. 

Tips to consider before your next cricket bet

There are three different ways in which cricket is played:

  1. They are known as test cricket, which is the most basic form. They are a long series that typically last up to five days.
  2. The one-day international cricket is the most intriguing series that includes spectators and bettors since it is only played for a day with fifty overs.
  3. A new version of cricket that is quite entertaining.

The Indian Premier League T20 series only lets the teams have a single innings only. Bettors have embraced the concept in most parts of the world. Which is your favorite team in the ipl?   

To determine it, you should take into consideration the following: 

1. Learn the basics

Before anything else, please ensure that you understand the basics of the game. Every sport has some rules and regulations, and cricket does too. The key to winning is mastering the basics first before anything else. 

2. Get to know more about the participating teams 

After the basics, take your time to go through the ranking charts and statistics about the subject teams. This will place you in a higher position when placing a bet since you have analyzed the players’ skills, strengths, and weaknesses. 

3. Get to learn about cricket betting odds 

If you are new to the cricket betting world, chances are high that you know little about cricket odds. The cricket odds predict that a specific outcome will happen in the game. Critically understanding the cricket betting odds will make you earn a lot of money. 

4. Confirm the day’s weather forecast

This may sound a bit unusual, but weather conditions can massively affect the performance of players and, as a result, the outcomes of the matches. It is also essential to analyze the location’s climatic conditions where the cricket game is ongoing. Rainy or windy weather can result in the match ending in a draw. Before placing a bet, remember to check on the weather patterns

5. Analyze the pitch’s condition. 

This is a critical factor in helping you decide when to bet. Analyzing the pitch condition can quickly affect the outcome of the game. This is because when it rains, the pitch becomes modified.  

Remember that you can place a winning bet when you apply these tips and get a chance to earn big in cricket betting with Parimatch. Try us today for the best odds in whichever cricket match you may want to wager on!