Who Should Take IB Math Courses?

IB Math Courses

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is a global academic program that is well-known for being rigorous and challenging students to achieve extraordinary growth. While the program was originally designed for the global students of world-traveling diplomats, today it is widely recognized as an intensive college prep program that provides essential skills for success in intense collegiate programs. 

The IB program is a comprehensive academic program that includes several areas of study, including mathematics. But they’re not the right choice for everyone. Here’s some additional information that can help you decide if IB mathematics makes sense for you or your child.

Who are IB Math Courses For?

The IB diploma program is typically geared towards students between the ages of 16 and 19 years of age. It takes two years to complete the IB diploma program, but many schools offer IB-aligned study at lower levels–even elementary school. 

Lower level IB coursework is intended to develop the right skills early in a child’s academic career while the diploma program coursework is intended to prepare college-bound students for the rigors of university study.

Benefits of Taking IB Math Courses

There are several benefits to participating in IB mathematics courses, particularly for those planning to attend a competitive college or pursue a career in a STEM-related field. In some cases, colleges may even award general elective credits for IB coursework. However, even if students aren’t taking IB courses for dual-credit, there are still plenty of advantages.

Arrive to College Well-Prepared

The IB program demands that students develop exceptional study skills and a strong work ethic. These skills are the foundation for success in college which often requires more diligent study than any formative school. For many, IB math courses help ease the transition to college coursework demands.

Develop Important Critical Thinking Skills

Students in general academic programs are focused on meeting standardized learning goals and often miss the boat on critical thinking skills. By comparison, the IB program does an exceptional job of developing critical thinking skills–which are an in-demand skill for future employment.

Academic Achievement & Admissions

While the AP program is well-known in the US, the IB program is widely recognized on a global scale. The admissions committee of top colleges and universities are likely to take notice of high scores in IB math courses. At the very least, they will recognize the dedication of these students and will be more likely to offer them placement in challenging programs.

Final Thoughts on Why Students Should Take IB Math Courses

As the world continues to move towards globalization, a global standard for academic achievement is becoming more important. Like the AP program, the IB program is a measure of student achievement, denoting those students who are driven towards success. Taking IB math courses can be a great way to bulk up your academic resume, develop the right skills, and polish your college admissions. While these programs are challenging, they provide significant opportunities for individual growth. Any student that has the appropriate support to succeed in an IB program can benefit from taking an IB math course.