Who Is The Hardest Champion In Pokemon?

Hardest Champion In Pokemon
Hardest Champion In Pokemon

Thousands of Pokémon battles have been fought; some have been won, others lost. While the record keeps changing, the legends of Trainers and their Pokémon’s remain intact. Over the years, thousands of Pokémon trainers, some successful, others more successful than the average trainer. Find Who Is The Hardest Champion In Pokemon?

The Pokémon universe witnesses a lot of challenges. However, only a few champions have risen to the hall of fame. Many people who try Unplugged Gaming have one common question on their minds, who is the hardest champion in Pokémon. For many, the hardest champion remains Champion Cynthia.

While Cynthia is the champion, she is unrelenting in her quest to conquer everything, and she is now challenging herself in competitions. She is a formidable opponent; Cynthia is famous for her battle prowess and her quest for knowledge. With a large collection of Pokémon’s, there are certainly many people who do not know about Champion Cynthia. Below are some of the things you didn’t know about this Pokémon’s Hardest Champion

Cynthia is Probably the Mother of Bianca

Champion Cynthia is probably the mother of Bianca. This theory has been around for years, probably based on the interactions between the two characters in the franchise. Bianca and Cynthia seem to have established a daughter-mother dynamic that has led fans to assume the relationship between both characters transcend the typical relationship in the franchise. In addition to this, Bianca appears to share some striking similarities in appearance to Cynthia, which lines up with the theory.

Cynthia is originally from Celestic Town

Over time, a lot of players have come to speculate the origin of Cynthia. While most players know she’s from a town, they aren’t familiar with the information that she’s from Celestic Town. A look at the scenery and creatures available in the area suggests this more.

No Focused Type in Cynthia’s Team

Unlike most elite 4 members and gym leaders, Cynthia has built her team without a focused type. It makes it an incredible match to level up for her opponents because she is in the habit of changing up her formula by incorporating completely different creatures in her team. Cynthia comes across as the non-discriminatory type that likes to experiment with abilities and strengths. This has, perhaps, contributed to her success.

Cynthia has Grey Eyes

Have you ever wondered about the color of Cynthia’s eyes? If you guessed blue, green, or any other color apart from grey, you would be completely wrong. With most fans not realizing what Ash’s eye color is, it is easy to skip this little detail when it comes to Cynthia. Uniquely, Cynthia’s eye color stands her out from most other characters with familiar eye color.

She’s interested in legendary Pokémon

Cynthia is a character that could easily have been classified as an old head. She has shown interest, time and again, in several old abandoned ruins. Being a scholar with a research interest, she has also been known to invest in legendary and mythical creatures. Surely, Cynthia’s love for Pokémon grows stronger with each new find, and she has been known only to collect the most powerful creatures.

Cynthia is the first female Pokémon champion

Exclusive of the player characters, Cynthia is the first female champion of Pokémon and in any similar game for that matter. It is also interesting to find that Cynthia appears to have an updated and upgraded skill set that qualifies her for the championship. Players have attested to her team’s strength, flexibility, and tact, and she is unequivocally agreed as a worthy candidate for the first female champion.

Cynthia made an appearance during the black and white anime

To further confirm Cynthia’s legendary status, her character made a reappearance in the Black and White TV series. The appearance was welcomed by all fans, especially as she interacted with Ash and her friends.

Cynthia is a master of The Unknown Language

The Pokémon franchise has only a few people with the ability to read and understand The Unknown Language. Interestingly, Cynthia is among the few. The confirmation of her wide knowledge and ability to read the unknown language is evident in several of her conversations. It is believed that she learned to read this language based on her interaction with her different players.

Cynthia’s favorite food is ice cream

Every one of the characters in the Pokémon universe has a favorite food. For Cynthia, hers is ice cream. Everyone who has met her agrees that she does have a sweet tooth, and it may not surprise many people that her favorite food is pumped with surety.