Who is Not Welcome on Reddit?

Who is Not Welcome on Reddit

There is a zero-tolerance policy on Reddit for marketers, fakers, and spammers. Posts intended for self-promotion, spreading fake news, or spam will be quickly deleted. Any activity is removed from the site before anyone on Reddit even has a chance to detect it. Redditors are very proud of their authentic community, and it’s easy for them to act quickly to protect their authenticity.


Submitting your own content on Reddit is pretty obvious. Reddit has a 9:1 rule when it comes down to it – about 10% of your content should be your own self-promotional content. However, don’t do it often.

This, of course, applies to commenting on other topics. You can post your own content on your page and topics as much as you want.


Commenting is an important part of working on Reddit. In fact, if you never comment with your account, the platform will flag you as a spam risk. If you want to fit into the community, after the first week of following, it’s highly recommended that you comment and start upvoting comments. This is how Reddit accounts stay alive and thriving every day. 

It also applies when you don’t respond to comments in your thread. Reddit is meant to be interactive – it’s not Facebook, where fights break out under posts. Discussion is part of Reddit and is welcome. If someone posts under your thread supporting you or arguing with you, you should reply to them. That’s the whole point of Reddit.

Off Topic Posters

As we said before, if you drop a comment on a completely random topic related to a subreddit topic, you won’t be welcome. Try to stick to a niche, and if you have something to say, try to find a subreddit that matches that topic. 

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Over-Enthusiastic Posters

Yes, it is possible to write too much into a subreddit. Regardless of how high quality your responses and links may be, the creator of the subreddit wants other people to have a chance to express their thoughts, too. 

If you write about topics or theories that are constantly being upvoted outside of the subreddit and keep pushing that narrative under the thread, people will get annoyed.

 Everyone on Reddit needs to respect the general consensus. If the majority votes against what you are saying, you should back off.

Copy and Pasting to Multiple Subreddits

Subreddits should be their own unique incubators. So it is not welcome when people type a concept, perhaps related to macroeconomics, and paste it into 10 different subreddits that revolve around economics and trade. Many of the subreddit subscribers follow other groups as well. They won’t like it, and they’ll mark you and your account as spam on Reddit.