Who clears the graffiti in London?

In this decade, graffiti painters across the UK are always busted. They’re handed prison sentences, especially for painting on trains. Why is it that some graffiti can bring tourist from all over the world just to see it and take a picture, while so many repel us? Recently there has been a rise of who clears the graffiti in London, but the proper kind – not the Banksy works, but weird, ugly pieces that make you turn around and focus on clean buildings. This “street art” is getting in our way and making our city look dirty and unattractive. How can we deal with them? How can we clear the graffiti that’s so high up?

Who clears the graffiti in London

When should you decide if it’s time to remove graffiti?

It can be a beautiful addition that will bring some colour to your boring wall. It can attract attention. When do you know it’s too much? First of all, you should think of removal when someone does it in your property without your will. If you don’t like it, clean it out. Secondly, you should have it removed when you feel like it doesn’t match your place. If you run a serious business, having your wall painted by some untalented amateur is unacceptable. Your customers won’t trust you if you won’t take care of the facade of your building. Be a professional in every way.

Amateurs and private owners

The truth is, anyone can try to clear out the ugly pieces. All you need is patience and some tools, but it’s doable. Everything you will need depends on the material of the building. The paint will come off easier from glass than from concrete, brick or vinyl. Pay attention to the area that graffiti covers. Will it need some scraping or would it be better to cover it up with stronger paint? Choosing paint over chemicals can be more dreadful for your wallet, though. You will need to paint your whole house to avoid uneven splashes of colour.

If you choose the chemical cleaning, consider the area around and weather conditions. Wind and chemicals will create a dreadful combination. Make sure to use maximum eye and mouth protection. Secure the ground with some bags or a tarp.

You can also opt for covering up the old graffiti by a professional that will bring life to the area without any obnoxious additions.

Rope access technicians

There are many professional companies that will be happy to take care of unpleasant graffiti. Many companies that offer industrial abseiling also deal with it. They’re more known for their window cleaning or overall preservation, but they also deal with rope access maintenance like painting and removing graffiti. Why should you choose them? Well, they can deal with unpleasant and awkward graffiti at any height, and quickly remove it without any harmful damages done by amateurs. Sustainable methods are the best ones for the environment, co be careful to hire only those technicians, that are a great choice for our environment. After all, we want London to stay as beautiful as it is without any harm done to it.