How To decide Which Location is Right For You: Tree Change Or Sea Change?

Tree Change Or Sea Change

Deciding to move is a big decision. It can be complicated moving from one part of the city to another and this doesn’t always mean you have to change jobs or your children’s schools. But, when you’re considering a larger move, toward the sea, more inland, especially to another part of the country, it instantly becomes more complicated. 

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is whether to head for the trees or the sea.

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The Sea Change

A sea change means you are packing up and moving closer to the sea. In most instances this doesn’t mean heading to a city by the sea, it means adopting a small town by the sea where things are quieter and the pace of life is slower. 

The Tree Change

This is the term used when you’ve decided to move to a place that is nearer the mountains or a smaller inland town. Again, this will be much quieter and a slower pace of life than in a city.

It should be noted that you don’t need to be coming from the city to make one of these moves. 

You should consider the following in order to decide which location is best for you:

Your Preferred Activities

It should be fairly obvious that if you love surfing, sailing, or any other water-based activity you will probably be better off by the sea. While inland towns can offer lakes, they don’t tend to have waves, that’s a particular issue for anyone that loves surfing. 

Take a moment to consider your favorite activities and hobbies and you’ll probably know which location suits you better.

Job Availability

Another thing to consider is what job availability is there, assuming you need to work. Seaside towns tend to have a seasonal influx of visitors and jobs, you’ll need to adapt to this to survive. Inland towns may not offer seasonal variations but there may also be a limited number of jobs available. Consider this carefully before committing to a move.

Education Possibilities

If you have children you’re going to want to spend a minute checking out the educational facilities on offer. You’ll want your children, to get the best education possible. It’s up to you whether the town offers the facilities and standards that you want for your children.  

The Community

Smaller towns tend to have more of a community feel and it’s more likely people will know each other and know each other’s business. You’ll need to decide if this is a plus factor for you. If it is, it’s worth checking out the local community to see how friendly they are to strangers. 

You can chat with other people that have moved to the town to help formulate your opinion. 


Don’t forget to spend a few moments checking the weather. For many, bad weather throughout the year can be a deal-breaker. 

It can also be advantageous to visit the town for a holiday and rent before you commit to buying.