Which Health Insurance is Good for the Differently-Abled?

Health Insurance

Specially-abled people have one or more of the following disabilities:

  • Congenital Disability – This is a medical problem that affects a person from the moment they are born. Heart issues, cystic fibrosis, spina bifida, Fragile X syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other congenital illnesses are among the most frequent. You should choose the best personal accident policy for you and your family.
  • Accidental Disability is a type of Disability that occurs due to an accident. Accidental disability insurance covers those who have damaged or disabled limbs. Accident Disability covers total or partially blinded due to an accident.
  • Mental Sickness or Disability refers to any impairment caused by a mental disorder or illness. People with psychiatric disorders, behavioural difficulties, or cerebral impairment are all covered.

The accidental disability benefit is available as a standalone rider benefit or part of the policy.

Health Insurance Policies Sponsored by the Government for People with Disabilities:

Though there are no specific or tailored critical illness insurance policies for those with disabilities, the government of India offers health insurance choices to provide some help to differently-abled people.

  • Nirmalya Health Insurance 

This government-sponsored health insurance plan is developed specifically for those with mental illnesses. The insured is covered by medical care up to Rs 1 lakh under this insurance plan, including pre and post-hospitalization charges.

If the family’s monthly income is less than Rs. 15,000, the policyholder will only be responsible for paying Rs 250 in fixed premiums. However, if the family’s monthly income exceeds Rs 15,000, the instalment must be paid. There are many critical illnesses covered, among which you can choose.

  • Swavalamban Health Insurance 

Swavalamban Health Insurance is a government-sponsored health insurance coverage specifically geared to the needs of people with disabilities. This plan has been carefully constructed to ensure that the insured can pay a single premium and use the coverages for medical treatments at any time. It’s vital to note that this health insurance policy is only offered to disabled people with a family income of less than Rs 30,000.

HDFC ERGO Health (Formerly Known as Apollo Munich) Health Insurance Company, in addition to these excellent government-sponsored health insurance plans, also provides coverage for disabled people.

The Following Factors Determine Eligibility for a Health Insurance Policy:

  • Current Health Status– this is the first thing an insurer looks at when deciding whether or not to give health insurance to people with disabilities. In general, insurers look at the health status of specially-abled people for the previous two months to reduce their risk. If a person has any chronic illnesses or concerns at the time of policy issuance, there is a good risk that the insurer may deny their application.
  • Earnings of the Family– This is likely the most crucial criterion in determining a disabled person’s eligibility for health insurance coverage. The insurer provides adequate insurance coverage to an individual based on the family’s overall income. In addition to eligibility, there is also a premium.