Which Countries Use CB Radio?

CB Radio

Citizen Band radio or CB radio is a communication service system that uses short-range radio voice. People use it when they go to remote places where mobile phone communications do not work.

They also use it in homes, malls, offices, and motor vehicles as a mode of communication. If you’re walking through a retail mall with a handheld CB radio, your range could be as short as 100 yards.

CB radio is a short-range radio service that works in the 27 MHz bands. People who use the radio do not require technical know-how to operate it. It comes with a transceiver which consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Several countries use it, and CB radio is here to stay for a long time.

Features of CB Radio

The CB radio comes with a range of features that enhance its functionality. Following are the features of radio that you will find quite helpful. Check them out!

  • Automatic Noise Limiter

ANL or Automatic Noise Limiter enhances the reception quality of sound. It filters out all interference, like engine noise and static sounds.

  • RF Gain

With RF gain, operators receive only strong CB radio frequencies as it creates a filter and does not allow transmission of low-quality frequencies. It removes background noises when speaking, and it also brings out weak signals. In addition, it enhances the clarity of all the radio channels on CB.

  • Weather Reporting

Another essential feature is weather reporting. You can get access to any local NOAA radio station to receive instant weather reports for the area. It comes in highly handy when traveling in RVs and trucks through remote areas.

  • Squelch Control

The feature sets a specified break-point for the output signal of your radio. It allows you to block out constant background static. The radio will automatically activate when there is a CB frequency or transmission.

  • Instant Channel Functions

Some variants of CB radio will allow the operator to instantly jump between channel number 9 and channel number 19. These are the two popular CB channels. Channel 9 is for emergencies, and channel 19 is for truckers.

  • PA Functions

Through a PA horn, your radio will change into a public address system. You can mount the PA horn on top of your vehicle. You can also install it under the hood of your vehicle.

  • Backlit Displays

The backlit feature comes with specific models of CB radios. It is a highly useful feature that lets you use the radio even in dark hours. If you are traveling after dusk, the backlit feature is a handy one to effectively use the radio.

List of Countries That Use CB Radio

Countries that have FCC regulations can use CB radio services. In addition, the 50 states of the USA, the District of Columbia, Navassa Island, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and many other Pacific areas use radio services.

All the countries use the same band of 11 meters. Although the average number of channels available on the radio is 40, it varies for some countries. For example, Germany has 80 channels while Brazil has 60. CB radio is used worldwide with legal equipment and rules of the specific areas. Here are a few countries that use short-range radio services.

  • United States of America

The radio service began its journey in the United States in 1945, initially for personal communications. It gained popularity in the 1970s when movies and television shows started showing the radio on screen.

Currently, radio works within the bandwidth of 26.965 MHz – 27.405 MHz. It has a total of 40 Channels. The radio works in AM, USB, and LSB modes with a power of 4 watts for AM and 12 SSB. radios can work on vertical and horizontal antenna systems.

  • Canada

Canada uses the same frequencies, power levels, and modes as the USA. Therefore, you don’t need to use CB gear when you travel to and from the USA.

It works on the same bandwidth as the USA, 26.965 – 27.405 MHz, with a total of 40 channels. CB radio in Canada does not require any other special provision for its functioning across the border. It got authorization in 1962 for its use in Canadian provinces.

  • England

After much debate and demonstrations, radio became license-free in the United Kingdom in 2006. Ofcom regulatory body permitted it to use AM and SSB modes and became fully legal in 2014. CB radio is more popular with the farming community, off-roaders, truckers, and mini-cab services in the UK.

CB radio in England functions on two different bandwidths. These are 26.965-27.405 and 27.60125-27.99125, with a total of 40 channels. It uses the vertical antenna system for its working.

Important Factors to Consider While Using CB Radio

CB radio operators should take special care of the CB antenna. If you want to get the best results with the highest reception, you must use a quality antenna to enhance the functionality of the radio. Proper installation of antennas is also a major factor that decides the quality of reception and sound.

Size does not matter when it comes to CB radios. The legal radios use only 4 watts of output power. So, instead of going for a big radio thinking it would function better, a wide range of small radios provide the same results that you can use in RVs, trucks, and passenger vehicles.


CB radio is a useful service for places with no mobile connectivity. People use it for remote communications and various other purposes. Although the radio has its origins in the USA, several other countries also have legalized communication via CB radio.