Where to buy womens bikinis?

Where to buy womens bikinis

A bikini is a frank and bold version of a swimsuit, which is mostly worn by the fair sex with a model figure. Such a swimsuit will not be able to hide any flaws, but only emphasize and profitably present dignity. A bikini shopper is the minimum amount of fabric that covers only the most intimate areas. Most often, a bikini is presented in the version of swimming trunks and a bodice made of thin fabric without cups and underwires with a tie. Straps can be tied at the back of the neck or sewn into the bodice itself, but on swimming trunks, if any, the straps are tied at the hips. You will find the most comfortable bikinis for women in the Lascana store. Flipping through the catalog of the Lascana online store and not buying at least one bikini panty is a mission impossible.

What is a bikini swimsuit made of?

Bikinis swimwear consists of two parts – a bodice and panties. They have been a hot trend for decades. This type of swimming suit is ideal for women with perfect shapes who have nothing to be ashamed of. In the Lascana online store, the most stylish models of the current beach season are presented to the attention of ladies:

  • Classic bikini with thin straps;
  • Bando – strapless bodice;
  • Halter – the ties of the bodice are fastened at the neck;
  • Swim-dress – panties are made in the form of a mini-skirt.

There are models with additional cuts, triangular cups and a push-up effect. Quality bikinis are made from synthetic or natural fabrics with the addition of elastane, lycra, nylon, spandex. These materials give the bikini elasticity, they dry almost instantly and do not irritate the skin, especially in intimate places.

Lascana is your best choice

If you want to buy bikinis, Lascana is the best assistant in this business. A variety of bikini subtypes, cuts, combinations not only satisfies different visual needs, but also, together with the size range, women with different body types. More and more brands follow the path of diversity and maximum comfort, and Lascana cooperates only with the best.