What You Need to Do When You Are Charged With Criminal Case in Orangeville, Ontario

Criminal Case in Orangeville

The legal system in Ontario is quite a complicated process. One has to go through several procedures – from hiring a lawyer to attending a trial. That’s why one must hire a well-reputable and experienced criminal defense lawyer who has the required skills to get a sure win for the client. 

A criminal defense system works according to state laws and civil rights. If you are living in Ontario, you must be well aware of all the procedures to get yourself out of a criminal case. 

5 Things You Must Know if You Are Charged With a Criminal Case in Ontario

You must follow these significant guidelines immediately if you have been arrested or investigated. Handling the criminal defense process alone is a daunting task. Therefore, employ this valuable advice to get a safe exit from the levy criminal case. 

Hire a Professional Criminal Defense Lawyer

When the higher authority accuses you of something, you cannot go straight to the court unprepared. Before the court proceeding, you must hire a reliable criminal defense lawyer to protect you from legal harm. 

However, hiring an incompetent lawyer will be a waste of money and time. Do your research and get yourself a reliable, competent, and experienced lawyer. A successful criminal defense lawyer must have these traits:

  • The lawyer must possess excellent communication skills.
  • He must be efficient enough to crystallize the information and strengthen the evidence record for the client. 
  • He must be a good orator and a good listener. 
  • Must be vigilant enough to understand the situation and make decisions on reasonable grounds. 
  • Must possess strong negotiating skills to settle the matter. 

This checklist will enable you to hire an experienced and trusted criminal defense lawyer in Orangeville, Ontario

Contact the Accessibility Coordinator at the Courthouse

The next crucial step is to contact the Prosecutor’s Office. It will help you get a hard copy of a police investigation file related to your case. You can analyze on which grounds the police have arrested you and which evidence is there to weak your case. 

Even if you don’t contact the office, the authority will give you all the possible details at your First Appearance.  The information which is released from the Crown is “disclosure.” This vital information contains; photographs, videos, police notes, witness statements, etc. If you find something missing, you can tell that to the Crown. 

Get an Interpreter Service

You can mention an interpreter service to the court office if you need any. This way, you will get a service for the court hearings without paying an extra fee. You can even arrange that by asking your friends, lawyer, or family members. 

Bring All Necessary Documents on the Trial Date

You cannot attend a court session without bringing the required documents with you. Here’s a list of all the essential details you must have during a court session.

  • A pen and paper to write down notes
  • The disclosure material
  • Original documents and two copies
  • Print copies of photographs you want to present at trial
  • Copies of any Summons to Witness

Final Thoughts

Getting a good criminal defense lawyer is mandatory for a person charged with a criminal case. However, if your financial situation restricts you to hire one, you can contact “Legal Aid Ontario.” That service will help cover the cost of a lawyer if you are eligible for legal help. 

Moreover, you must understand all the legal proceedings to get in-depth knowledge. Hence, seek unbiased legal advice for a swift proceeding to strengthen your case.