How to Check Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile and Status (Video Added)

Who Visited WhatsApp Profile Trick – Hello guys, We are back with a WhatsApp Trick that is how to check who viewed WhatsApp Profile on WhatsApp. This trick is working well in Android Mobiles. I also tried this trick and I got a list of my friends who visited my WhatsApp profile picture and status. I confirmed from them about their activity and find positive results about this. So here is the trick that will help you and give you an answer to your query “How to Check Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile and Status“. Check more WhatsApp Tricks & Tips here.

WhatsApp Trick - How To Lnow Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile

How To Check Who Visited WhatsApp Profile Picture

WhatsApp Profile Tracker 2017

As you know WhatsApp is very popular for its features and tricks in which some tricks are official and some tricks are with third parties. I posted many tricks about WhatsApp in last days. You can read all WhatsApp Tricks here. I also shared a trick for Facebook users to know Who Visited My Facebook Profile recently. So this trick is for WhatsApp Users. Now I will tell you an Application that will tell you about those friends who viewed your WhatsApp Profile picture recently.

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How To Know Who Visited / Viewed My WhatsApp Profile Picture and Status 

So let’s start this trick that will make you crazy to find those friends who viewed your WhatsApp profile picture recently. So read each step carefully and do the same.

  • Download a new version of WhatsApp.
  • Install the app in your Android mobile phone.
  • Open the app and click on ‘Scan’ button in the to know who viewed my whatsapp profile picture and status
  • It will start to scan your WhatsApp contacts for details.
  • Finally, it will show you a list of members who viewed your WhatsApp profile recently (see image for proof, I hide all other contacts for privacy reason).how to know who viewed my whatsapp profile picture and status

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Remember –

  • This app selects your phone contacts only and randomly.
  • This app is worked for me many times and got positive results.
  • This trick is for educational purpose only. 
  • This app works only for your phone contacts. It doesn’t support outsiders. It will not show you those members who are not in your contact list

Note – You can prank your friends with this trick and this app, but in reality, this app doesn’t work like that. It selects random friends and shows you a list with their names. But you can make your friends crazy with this app. Please make comment for any issue.

Last words for WhatsApp Tracker 2017 – So this trick is posted after demanding. So I shared this trick to know who viewed my WhatsApp profile picture and status on WhatsApp. You can enjoy this trick and must read other tricks about WhatsApp and Facebook. Hacking WhatsApp account is easy, here is another trick. You also like to know who visited your profile on Facebook.


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