What to Consider Before Buying a Bathtub

There is not much more relaxing than a long soak in a bathtub at the end of the day. Renovating your bathroom takes some planning, but it leads to a place of peace. If you are looking to purchase a new fixture for soaking, you will want to go in with these considerations.



If you have taken any time to look online or in home improvement stores, you will know that there are various sizes available for bathtubs. You will want to choose a size that fits in your space but still gives you comfort. When room dimensions are not an issue, consider purchasing a tub that will allow you to sit down and extend your legs fully. Standard tubs are roughly 1524mm long but only 700mm wide. If you want more space, you will want to look at basins that are wider or longer. Victoria Plum sells slightly longer standard tubs at 1700×700, which already offers more room.


Just as there are various sizes available, you can find bathtubs that are rectangular or oval. The best way to determine what shape you are most comfortable with, visit a shop that will allow you to sit inside. The slopes of the walls will allow you to lay back and relax but will take from the overall room for your body.


You may think that because the bathtub will be on the floor that the weight does not matter. However, you want to make sure that your home has the support to prevent the fixture from damaging your floor. If you are unsure about the weight your room can handle, contact an inspector.

Room Layout

Another consideration to make when purchasing a new bathtub is your current layout. Look at the walls surrounding where your tub will be installed, and you will have a better idea of the amount of expansion you have. Freestanding tubs offer more options because they do not need to be attached to a wall.

Depth of Basin

The depth of the basin is just as important as the length and width of purchasing bathtubs. You need to be able to step into the tub safely. Elevated tubs may give you more space to have a deep basin, but you might want to consider encasing it with a step to enter and exit. The depth you choose should be based on the intended purpose of the tub.


When selecting the materials your bathtub is made out of, consider the durability of each type. You can find tubs constructed of metal, acrylic, stone, and fiberglass. They all have different maintenance needs that will also need to be thought about. How easy is it to clean, or will you require specialized materials? What materials are used in the finishing, and is it safe with children or pets? Remember your family’s needs when you are shopping.

Once you have the bathtub of your dreams, you can dress it up with new faucets, shelving, safety rails, and much more. The renovation should consider everything, so you have something that brings relaxation and is easy to maintain.