What Not To Do On Instagram

What Not To Do On Instagram
What Not To Do On Instagram

Successfully navigating the world of social media is a difficult thing to do and Instagram is no different. However, you do not need to be a social media expert in order to be successful on the platform. If you are looking for someone to help you with Instagram though and build your following on there, be sure to get in contact with the guys at SocialMeep. With their automation tool and organic Instagram growth service, they can really take your account to the next level.

By avoiding some of the mistakes we mention below you can not only avoid your account from bombing but also actually propel it into the success that you want it to be. The things that you should avoid doing on Instagram include…

 Using an unusual username

With the search functionality of Instagram not being as advanced as other social media platforms or websites in general, if the username that you use is awkward, unusual, or difficult to spell, then it will make finding you more difficult. The best thing to do is use a username that is simple to recognize and as close to any other social media usernames that you may have.

 Setting your profile to private

If you are using the platform for solely personal reasons and do not want to connect with other accounts, then doing this is fine. However, if you are using it for a business or in the pursuit of becoming an influencer, you should make sure that your profile is set to public. This way, anyone can see the content that you post and from this can decide if they want to follow you or not. By doing this, you will gain new followers much faster.

 Being a lurker

With Instagram being all about sharing photos and connecting with users, it is not beneficial to anyone if you just stick to the shadows lurking. What you should do is the absolute opposite of that; you should regularly post content, frequently comment on, and like other user’s posts. By being as engaging as possible you will create the connections required in order to build your own following.

Posting without captions

Regardless of how fun or artistic your photo is, if it does not have a relevant caption to go with it, then it will likely get much interaction in the way of likes or comments. It is the caption on your posts that allow you to directly interact with your audience, regardless of how big or small that may be. If you are unsure what to include in a caption, you could try explaining what the photo is of, share a relevant quote that you like, or even ask a question.

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Buy followers

Even if it might sound like a good idea at the beginning, trust us, it’s going to turn into your worst nightmare. We know, we know! You’re doing it under the pretext that “it’s going to look good” when potential followers show up and see that your account already has a strong base of followers. However, this mentality is setting you up for failure.

A bought followers-base will create zero engagement and will most certainly include some accounts you wouldn’t want your business associated with, EVER! So, instead of directing your efforts towards buying risky followers, redirect them towards creating a thoughtful strategy that will organically get you the right followers who will engage and make you proud! The most popular twitter accounts and the best onlyfans accounts will not use malicious attempts to increase their followers because it hurts their business in the end.

Although this is not an extensive list of everything that you should avoid doing on Instagram, there is definitely enough there so that you do not fail miserably at it.