8 Famous Things Morocco is Known For

Morocco is Known For

Planning your visit to Morocco? Great choice! Visiting Morocco is a dream for holidaymakers and it will be on the top of their bucket list always. 

Whether you are planning your visit to Marrakech, Tangier, or Casablanca, you will have the opportunity to enjoy stunning attractions and get a chance to spend time with the locals to know their culture and traditional goodies. There are some products that you can only find in Morocco. 

Wondering what are they? 

Read this article. Here we are going to reveal the top things Morocco is famous for.

Moroccan Leather

Moroccan Leather is highly unique and the way of tanning hasn’t changed in centuries. You can find the most famous tannery in Chouara Tannery in Fez. Here the leather is processed in a truly traditional way to keep its authenticity as such as it is. Here you can find leather slippers, wallets, belts, slippers, and much more made up of original Moroccan Leather.

Argan Oil 

You can find more Argan trees in the south region and this makes Morocco, the best place to buy Argan oil which is made in the traditional Berber way. Argan oil is most famous among Moroccans, as they use this oil for culinary and cosmetic purposes, as it is widely known for its benefits for hair growth. Also, filled with medicinal benefits, Argan Oil is extremely efficient in treating skin acne.

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If you’re in search of finding great souvenirs, as a keepsake of your Morocco trip, then you can prefer buying Lanterns. The design of Lanterns speaks a lot about the beauty of Morocco City and its rich culture. Most markets and street shops in Morocco sell Lanterns of different sizes, shapes, and materials. As they are fragile, make sure to pack them safely, so there won’t be any hassle while transporting them.

Rugs and Carpets  

Everyone loves carpets, right? If you’re looking to buy bright red rugs with sequins on them to decorate your hallway, then you can start your shopping in Morocco streets. Because Morocco is well known for handmade carpets at cheaper prices. You can even watch the process of their making, wherein you can get the customized carpets based on your preferences and ask them to ship to your own country or to the Rabat hotel, where you stay.

Bread Baskets 

Decorate your dining table by buying these Bread Baskets from Morocco! These baskets originated from the Sahara and they are extremely colorful and handmade. Some modern Moroccans have stopped using them, but still, the riads of Morocco are using these baskets in their traditional décor and making them trendy among this generation. These Bread Baskets speak about the craftsmanship of ancient Moroccans.


You will find beautifully hand-painted ceramic pots that come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. These are the perfect gift to present to your relatives and friends, as it looks like an amazing & truly magnificent home décor. While shopping, just make sure to pack them carefully, as they are brittle and can be easily broken.

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Moroccan Bags 

You can get these Moroccan Bags anywhere. These bags are called market bags, as they were initially used by women who went to the souks, in which they would put all their products, instead of carrying more carry bags. You can get these handmade Moroccan bags which are made using leather handles, pompoms, sequins, and other elements for decorative purposes.

Colored Tea Cups 

As we all know, Morocco is known for its traditional mint tea and so, anything relating to tea also has equal importance. Yes, Tea Cups are the most popular. From detailed teapots to gorgeous teacups, Moroccan Tea Cups come in a lot of vivid colors with stunning handmade decorations that will impress your eyes.


Hope this guide provides you with detailed information on the top famous things in Morocco. If you’re planning to visit Morocco, it’s a must to pre-plan your vacation and the first step starts with finding the best places to stay in Morocco.

Visit Morocco and know the reason why Morocco is a Must-See Destination once in a lifetime!