Browser Cookies – What is The Maximum Size of Cookie in a Web Browser

Browser Cookies – Did You Thin Ever “How Big Can a Web Cookie Be?” No, don’t worry. We will tell you today about these cookies that a web browser saves for next time. Few people know about cookies and they also don’t know what is the benefit of saving cookies in the web. If you are a Tech guy, I am sure you know about it. Anyway, let’s know something special about web browser cookies in this article.

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In this article, we will tell you how big a cookie can be saved in web browser. Is your web browser support cookies too big or not. This article is totally about browser cookies.

What Is HTTP Cookie?

An HTTP cookie is a small piece of data containing sent data from a website and stored in the user’s web browser at the time of browsing. A HTTP Cookie is also Known as-

  • Web cookie
  • Browser cookie
  • Internet cookie
  • cookie

Maximum Size of Cookie in Web Browser

The size of a cookie contains entire cookie, including name, value, expiry date etc. A cookie can contains data upto 4096 Bytes only that is the maximum size of a cookie which can be.If you want to support most browsers, then do not exceed 50 cookies per domain, and 4093 bytes per domain. That is, the size of all cookies should not exceed 4096 bytes.

Cookies too Big or Not – This means you can have 1 cookie of 4096 bytes, or 2 cookies of 2048 bytes per each.

Remember: Cookies are usually limited to 4096 bytes and you can’t store more than 20 cookies per website.


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