What Is The Best Way To Edit PDFs On Androids?

While you might know that editing PDFs is possible on mobile, the chances are that you’re taking the long route. Wait, are you even using the right tools?

Are your PDF editors editing your documents or whitewashing them? Do you know the implications for the quality of your files?

Now, you might ask, what is the right tool? Better put – what is the best way to edit PDFs on your android?

This article will give you closure. Here is how:

  • First, I’ll tell you the implications of whitewashing instead of editing
  • Secondly, I’ll show you the right way to edit PDFs, the options you have, and how they work

In the end, you’ll be the one to choose. I’m only here to guide and recommend the best and legal ways to edit PDFs on your android.

That said, let’s delve into the details!

3 Implications Of Editing PDFs With The Wrong Tools


Overprint happens when several elements on a PDF file overlap. For example, a wall of texts might overlap another or images.

In the end, your edited document will be incomprehensible.

Element Relocation

Element relocation is similar to overprint. The only difference is that the former is common for “graphical” PDF files.

When element relocation occurs, the images and figures in your edited document will be disjointed and displaced from their original positions.

Font Irregularities

Illegitimate PDF Editors don’t support all font families. Even worse, you can’t even upload fonts on them manually.

And because fonts are sensitive, a little error can affect the structure of your PDF. In summary, “whitewashing” PDF editors won’t edit your document correctly.

What Are The Right Methods To Edit PDFs On Androids?

Use A Trusted PDF Editor App

There are tons of trusted PDF editors. However, I’ve found Foxit to be the most user-friendly.

Here is how to use Foxit PDF Editor on your android:

  • Go to Play Store
  • Type Foxit PDF Editor on the search bar
  • Look for this particular logo before downloading:

Edit PDFs On Androids

  • Once downloaded, start the app,
  • The app will automatically locate the PDF files on your android. Now, open the one you’d like to edit
  • Next, toggle the “Home” on the top bar to “Edit.”

Edit PDFs

Note: you’ll be asked to subscribe. Register an account, and you’ll enjoy a limited free trial.

  • Now, make the desired edits to the PDF, and save it.

Edit Your PDF Online On A Reliable Website

For this section, we’re still using Foxit. So, what’s the difference?

The mobile app and Foxit Online PDF Editor work similarly. But the latter is browser-based.

Follow these steps to edit your PDF online with your android:

  • Change the view on your browser to “desktop.”
  • Visit “pdfonline.foxit.com”

Edit Your PDF Online

  • Log in with your Gmail to activate the free trial
  • Now, upload your PDF file
  • Click on the edit toolbar and follow the prompt
  • Save the file when you’re done

Verdict – Which One Of The Two Is The Best?

I prefer using the online Foxit PDF Editor. It offers a smoother experience compared to the mobile app.

Regardless, the mobile app is still AMAZING. But like most apps, it can also malfunction because of the processor and memory capacity of your android.

Still, the decision lies with you:

Either way, you’ll avoid issues like overprint and font Irregularities. And remember, the freemium is limited.