What is Air Media Tech and How It Helps Youtube Creators

Air Media Tech

AIR Media-Tech is an international company that creates services to increase metric revenue and increase recognition for creators and brands. For the past twelve years, they have provided endless opportunities for the growth and monetization YouTube with AIR Media-Tech to creators, brands, and celebrities worldwide.

Today, digital content affects millions of people around the world. We firmly believe that our mission is to create the most advanced services that help influencers and brands grow and create inspiring content that improves people’s lives!

How AIR Media-Tech Helps YouTube Channel

The number of global video content hours uploaded to YouTube is increasing annually, and as society becomes more globalized and interconnected, creators face opportunities to enter new markets. Unfortunately, many creators focus on their English-speaking audience. By focusing on one language, creators not only control who can access their content, but also miss out on additional revenue opportunities from less competitive markets.

“We’re excited to be partners with this fast-growing startup and share their idea of ​​making video content accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world,” said Stefan Mikhailov, co-founder of AIR-Media-Tech. “Vidby uses state-of-the-art technology and constantly innovates and improves the quality of its product, which gives us confidence that our partners will love this affordable all-inclusive solution that helps Advertising campaigns for YouTube channel promote content into new markets through translation.”

According to YouTube’s estimates, more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, most of which are uploaded by creators in the same language. Content translation and localization are the best ways for many creators to go global.

“AIR Media-Tech is a well-known and trusted player in the creator economy, so we are excited to work together and create new revolutionary products for content creators,” said Alexander Konovalov, co-founder of Vidby. “Together, content from talented teachers can be scaled around the world and done in a very short amount of time.”

AIR has vast experience in executing successful translation and localization strategies for well-known YouTubers such as Kids Diana Show, Lady Diana, HZHtube Kids Fun, and many more. By joining forces with Vidby, AIR will be able to provide an automated translation solution to more creators with relevant content. With just a few clicks, AIR’s partners can upload their original video and get the translated version ready to upload to a localized YouTube channel.

“There is a lot of great content in the US market, which was traditionally very expensive to translate into other languages, but has now become easier and cheaper,” said Vidby co-founder Denys Krasnikov, who represents the new technology in the US market. “YouTubers can create new audiences and entrepreneurs around the world have a real opportunity to increase their profits by launching channels in the U.S., earning more fees from YouTube than they would for the same videos in their native languages.”

For AIR partner creators, Vidby’s translation service works on a revenue-sharing basis, where creators don’t pay upfront for content translation and localization, but rather through revenue from YouTube channels in new languages. Video translation will be done by Vidby, and AIR will oversee content management and promote translated channels in new markets. All that’s left for creators is to continue to focus on creating high-quality content in their mother tongue. AIR and Vidby More than 100 AIR partner creators will use the service and translate more than 10,000 videos over the next year.

About AIR Media-Tech

AIR Media-Tech delivers breakthrough technology to elevate digital-first creators worldwide. The team solves 100% of creators’ needs: traditional and alternative monetization on YouTube, audience growth, security and safety of YouTube channels and content, global financial management, tax and legal advice, and launching new business ventures. They ensure this by giving these partners access to the AIR Creators Ecosystem – a suite of 30+ services, including AI-powered solutions and personalized services specific to kids, content creators, and musicians. AIR collaborates with creators from rising global stars to top 10 YouTube creators.

AIR Media partner channels collectively generate billions of monthly views on YouTube and deliver more than $500 million in revenue to us.