What Is a VPN and How Can It Benefit Me?


Browsing the internet used to be likened to the Wild West: A free-range environment where you never knew what you could find and it was every man for himself. Nowadays, it’s more like an oppressive, dystopian government.

Why is this? Well, because none of your data is safe. Every password, every search, every keystroke gets tracked, cataloged, and most often, sold to the highest bidder. One need only look at the sheer number of data hacks that happen every year to realize how important it is to protect yourself.

An iOS or Android VPN service, or just a VPN for your home computer, is one of the many tools you can use to protect your devices. But what is a VPN? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is a VPN?

Let’s start with the basics. What is a VPN? A VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, keeps you safe when you’re browsing online. It offers greater privacy and security than your standard internet browser, even with antiviruses and anti-malware protection installed.

How Does a VPN Work, Exactly?

To oversimplify a complicated topic, a VPN acts like a tunnel through which the information you access on the internet passes. This tunnel is encrypted, and all information you access goes through it, rather than the general search engine.

Because of this, when you use a VPN, your IP address, location, and identity are masked. This prevents data trackers from delivering customized advertisements and news to your feed. It also prevents anyone else on the network you’re using from seeing your data.

What Is a VPN Good For?

VPNs serve several useful functions. Whether you want to unblock disney plus streaming service or protect your personal information from hackers, a VPN has you covered. Some of the most common uses for VPNs include:

  • Removing region locks from games, websites, and streaming apps
  • Avoiding online censorship, whether native or during travel abroad
  • Avoid data and bandwidth throttling
  • Protecting your private information, including passwords and credit card information

In short, since a VPN masks your location and who you are, you don’t need to fear restrictions to your information or entertainment.

How to Find a VPN

The difficulty these days is not finding a VPN, but rather, finding a safe to use. As with the rest of the internet, you can never be too careful about what you download. Sneaky hackers have learned that posing as grants them free access to information.

If you see advertisements for a good free VPN, treat them with suspicion. Most legitimate VPNs will require small monthly fees. However, those fees are nothing compared to the priceless value of your safety.

Let’s Review the Facts

What is a VPN? service that protects your information from the rest of the internet at large, allowing you to bypass regional locks and shield yourself from data tracking and hackers. Everyone should be using it to keep themselves safe these days.

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