What is a Tailgate Generator and why do you need one?

What is a Tailgate Generator and why do you need one

The term tailgate is one with many different meanings to some it means you are driving too close to other vehicles but to others, it is a fun social event where people get together. A tailgate party, for example, is when people open the tailgate on their vehicle and get together to serve food and drink.

While this sort of tailgate is more popular in America you can find it taking place in other parts of the world as well. There are a lot of things you can bring along to a successful tailgate of this nature but one of the most important is going to be a tailgate generator.

Generators have become such an essential component of tailgates of this nature that some generators are even adopting the tailgate name. But a tailgate generator is effectively going to be a portable generator.

And yes if you really want to get involved in the fun of tailgating then you will definitely need a generator. Tailgating isn’t just you handing out food and drink from the back of your car it involves using portable grills to actually cook food up for people.

People create their own individual recipes and creations and share food with overs. The social aspect of tailgating is what makes it so special and while it is traditionally done at big sporting events they can be held almost anywhere groups of people and their vehicles can get together.

Just ensure you bring a good tailgate/portable generator with you! With a high-quality generator, you can create your own amazing food to share with others and power all the essential appliances you need. Ovens, grills, radios and more. To help you work out what the best type of tailgate generator to buy is I’ve laid out some advice below.

Do Your Research

Before you buy any tailgate generator you should do your research about it, don’t take the website/ shop description as gospel. A great resource to use is Best Generators.org they provide in-depth information about all kinds of generators and have a dedicated section for portable generators.

Think About The Fuel Type

Because tailgate generators are effectively portable generators you will need to think about the fuel type carefully. Your main option will be natural gas/ petrol but there is also diesel, propane, and even solar-powered models. Some generators might offer dual or even tri-fuel options as well. While petrol is easier to buy than propane the fewer fumes and quieter running could make them a better choice.

Look For Lighter Machines

A lighter generator is the better option when it comes to tailgating. Some portable generators might seem small but they can still be quite heavy, make sure the generator you are using is easy enough to move around.

Examine The Power Capabilities

Finally, ensure the generator offers enough power to safely power the appliances you are planning on using. There are lots of different appliances you can use when tailgating so ensure your generator offers enough energy to support them.


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