What Does Figurative Mean in art?

Figurative art, or figurative drawing, is one of the art styles that expresses the objectivity of the world around you: people, animals, portraits, landscapes, still lifes… In a narrow sense, figurative drawing is the representation of human figures. If you want to know if what you’re looking at is figurative drawing, you must describe what’s being depicted. Is it difficult to say? Then it is abstract art, which is the opposite to figurative art.

What are the types of figurative artwork?

Figurative is not always equal to realistic, although the terms are often synonymous. Picasso’s “Girls of Avignon”, Munch’s “The Scream” or Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” are all figurative art examples, although the former is cubist, the latter expressionist, and the latter impressionist. The great variation in figurativism is a consequence of the changes that happened to art in the twentieth century. The dominant until then “real”, copying the nature of realism (its peak – academism or neoclassics), by the end of the XIX century went out of fashion. Art of modernism as if said: now any experiments are possible! Strange as it may seem, the figurative has survived this battle of styles and is very popular today.

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Famous contemporary figurative style artists

There are thousands of artists working in this field and it is impossible to single out the top 10 modern figurative artists without offending someone. But we can name European masters who in the XXI century create very different original works in different genres, styles and techniques, close to figurative style:

  • Niniko Morbedadze, Georgia (grotesque)
  • Aurelio Bruni, Italy (historicism, photorealism).
  • Incze Mózes, Hungary (surrealism)
  • Vladislav Shereeshevsky, Ukraine (postimpressionism)
  • Andrei Piatkevich, Belarus (surrealism)
  • Paweł Althamer, Poland (sculpture, naturalism)
  • Evelina Deicmane, Latvia (photography, surrealism)
  • Kai Althoff, Germany (expressionism, postmodernism)
  • Tjaša Iris, Slovenia (fauvism)
  • Katerina Hatzi, Greece (realism)

Figurative artworks on G.ART Gallery

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How to choose figurative artwork?

It’s easy to buy figurative artwork that will decorate your home or office. Here are a few tips:

  1. Pair the work with the interior style
  2. The colour scheme is harmonized with the interior in a way that complements or contrasts it.
  3. The size and format of the work match the room
  4. The subject matter evokes an emotional response
  5. Painting and graphics are appropriately framed and well lit

How to buy figurative painting?

You can buy figurative art by visiting galleries and art shops, or online, on websites or in groups, where high-quality works of art are sold at reasonable prices. It’s a convenient way to choose from a wide range of works and meet talented artists. But it would be much more better to buy on G Art online gallery.