What Does a Video Producer Do? A Quick Guide

Video Producer

Did you know that the global video production market reached $234.9 billion in 2020?

From online films to commercials and corporate communications, video producers play an important role in all aspects of the video and filmmaking process.

If you’re interested in making any kind of film it’s worth learning about the roles and responsibilities of a video producer. Fortunately, we’ve put together an informative video guide for you.

So, what does a video producer do? Read on to find out more.

What Does a Video Producer Do?

While we all watch videos every day, we rarely consider the people behind them. Let’s take a look at what the typical producer job description looks like. 

A Video Producer is an audiovisual professional who is in charge of organizing and executing all aspects of a project. Their responsibilities include acquiring intellectual property rights, managing film sets, and supervising post-production tasks. It also entails working with other members of production like teams doing audio clean up services for the video.

Video producers coordinate the entire project from start to finish. It is their job to ensure a high-quality finished product, on time and on budget. They work with all production team members at every stage of the process.

Duties and Responsibilities

The best video producer will be able to assist with virtually all aspects of filmmaking. Some everyday duties and responsibilities include:

  • Casting and hiring
  • Directing on-screen talent
  • Scriptwriting and editing
  • Scouting and securing locations
  • Budgeting
  • Managing post-production editing and animation
  • Establishing on-set health and safety
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Scheduling
  • Quality control

Depending on the type of work a video producer does, they will use a wide range of different skills to ensure the project is well managed and coordinated. These video production consultants can assist in making the video production process simple.

Skills to Look For In a Video Producer

You want to find the best video for your production. With so many options out there for video editing and production services, it can be hard to know where to start. 

You should check out testimonials and recommendations to find a video. A quality video will have the following skills:

  • Fierce attention to detail
  • Patient but time orientated attitude
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • A knack for storytelling
  • Industry-wide knowledge
  • Open-mindedness 

Finding a video producer with these skills will guarantee excellent service and an impressive final product. From casting to release, a professional video knows how to make things happen.

Video Producer: What You Need To Know

So, that’s the 101 on the roles and responsibilities of a producer. They play an integral and central role in the production of a wide variety of different film formats.

By learning ‘what does a video producer do?’, you have the best chance of finding quality service for your next project.

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