What Do You Do With Old Electronics?

    Old Electronics
    Did you know that human beings produce almost 60 million tons of electronic waste every year? This is why e-recycling has become so important. Many people feel that electronics recycling is a hassle and not worth the effort. 

    You may be surprised to learn that recycling old electronics does not require much more work than trashing them. For this little bit of effort, you can do a lot of good, including positively impacting the environment. 

    The information below will explain why you should recycle your old technology. It also contains a breakdown of the proper processes for different types of technology recycling.

    Why You Should Recycle Old Electronics

    One of the reasons to recycle electronics is that they contain toxic materials like lead, mercury, chromium, and others. In landfills, these can release chemicals into the soil and pollute groundwater sources as well as the air.

    Another reason to recycle old electronics is reuse. Besides harmful materials, electronics also contain recyclable ones like glass, plastics, and aluminum.

    It means fewer raw materials need to be extracted to manufacture new devices. This in itself saves energy and is good for the environment.

    For whole-office projects, you might consider hiring a service like e-Waste LLC. These companies do everything from transporting electronic equipment to erasing all data from them. If possible, they refurbish and resell the equipment, so that it doesn’t go to waste.


    If you have a newer phone but want an upgrade, look for trade-in programs or consider selling it. If you are having problems with things like battery life, you might think about having your phone refurbished.

    You also can donate functioning phones to worthy causes, such as anti-domestic violence programs that provide phones to people who may need them to call 911. Others give phones to soldiers so that they can call their loved ones at no cost.

    Remember to retrieve any valuable information–including photos–and to wipe your phone before you get rid of it. You also can recycle it at stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Best Buy.


    If you have a functional laptop, check around at local libraries or nonprofits. They sometimes have programs that repurpose them for programs or people in need. Donating your computer can get you a tax break as well.

    Most electronic recycling places will take computers as well. You can even include other equipment, like keyboards and printers. 


    For older televisions, you can always donate them to a secondhand store. There are recycling services for TVs, such as at Best Buy. They do charge a nominal fee per television. You can have them come to your home and pick up the tv as well, but that will run you around $100.


    For other, smaller electronics, check around for local recycling centers. Things like old cameras or camcorders may have been lying around in drawers for years. If you want to declutter, donate them to someone who could use them. You can even recycle old chargers and almost any electronic cord as well.

    Find Electronics Recycling Near You

    Now that you have an idea of how to recycle old electronics, you can find recycling centers in your community. It is an important and easy way to keep dangerous materials out of the environment and to help repurpose used components for new uses.

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