What are the Best Bathroom Furniture and Components to Invest in? Your Top Questions Answered

Best Bathroom Furniture

When you have plans to build your home’s bathroom from the ground up or are thinking of remodelling and giving it a more updated look, one of the first considerations you have to make is deciding what bathroom furniture and components to purchase. Naturally, you want to make sure that they last (and give you a good return on your investment!). But what furniture and components should you choose, and how can you ensure they will be long-lasting and durable? From frameless shower enclosures to toilets, there are many different options available, and each has its own unique features and benefits. So what else are the best bathroom furniture and components to invest in? Here are the answers to your top questions. 

  • The bathroom vanity

The vanity is perhaps the most important piece of furniture in any bathroom because it not only provides storage space for your toiletries, towels, and other essentials – it also serves as a focal point for the space. When you are choosing a well-made vanity, consider the style, size, and material. If you have a smaller bathroom, a floating vanity is a good option as it creates the illusion of space. If your bathroom is larger, you can opt for a double-basin vanity which is both practical and stylish. When it comes to materials, go for solid wood and marble; they are durable and have the best look.

  • The bath

Yes, we can all agree that almost all bathrooms in the UK have baths – but if you are making do with a rundown built-in bath, perhaps it’s high time you changed it! Baths are available nowadays in different sizes and forms, and you can take full advantage of everything a bath has to offer – and they’re more affordable, too. Take the case of the whirlpool bath – what was once only a staple at resorts and spas has now become quite the addition to the average household, and it has more features than you could imagine. Aside from having the quintessential massage jets, it now has self-cleaning features that make it easier to maintain, and the price isn’t that much different from a regular bath.

  • The toilet

As we all know, the toilet is another essential component of any bathroom – and it can be one of your biggest investments, so choose carefully. While it may not be the most glamorous piece of furniture, it is certainly one of the most crucial! When choosing a toilet, there are several factors to consider: the shape, the size, and the flushing mechanism. Round toilets are a great choice for smaller bathrooms as they take up less space, but if your bathroom is larger, go for an elongated toilet, as it can provide better comfort. As for the toilet’s flushing mechanism, dual-flush toilets are becoming highly popular due to their water-saving capabilities.

  • The lighting

Your bathroom’s lighting is another element and detail you cannot compromise on, so choose wisely. Proper lighting is essential because it provides both ambience and functionality. When selecting the lighting, consider the layout of the room and its size, as well as your personal preferences. For example, wall sconces can add a soft and warm glow, while recessed lights can provide more direct and focused illumination. You may even want to install a dimmer switch; this allows you to adjust the lighting according to your mood and requirements.