Ways to Unlock a Secure PDF File

When we create new files, there are a few things that need to be considered every time we open, edit or close them. In regards to confidential information, you must always be sure your files remain protected in a safe location under a secure password. Files with passwords are generally in the form of secure PDF files — whoever creates the files establishes a password to protect the material. Below in this article, we will cover the Ways to Unlock a Secure PDF File.

In some cases, this password may be forgotten or others may need to gain access for editing purposes. This often occurs in a working environment when several people or even several departments are all working on the same product. If the person who created the file didn’t share the login information, then those who wish to access the file will have to contact him/her directly in order to gain access to the required document.

There are several types of secure PDF files:

  • user-locked PDF files (the password is required even just to view the content);
  • owner-locked PDF files (the password is required when you want to edit or copy the file).

You cannot open a user-locked PDF file if you don’t know the password, but you can make it by unlocking an owner-locked PDF file with the help of Google Chrome.

Let’s consider the sources that can be used in order to get access (change, edit or unlock) your file?

  • Google Chrome;
  • Lumin PDF;
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro;

Ways to Unlock a Secure PDF File

Now, let’s see how to unlock PDF files using different sources. Let’s start with a well-known and widely used instrument — in this case, Google Chrome. 

Be sure to perform the following PDF unlocking procedure on your desktop computer. Smartphones or tablets won’t work here.

Below is a step-by-step guide to unlocking a password protected PDF:

  1. Verify that the PDF file you are going to work with is secured (look for a padlock icon in the left-hand corner, or the word “SECURED” at the top of the page);
  2. Save the locked PDF file to the desktop of your device;
  3. Open a new Google Chrome Browser, then drag and drop your secured PDF. You will see your PDF file opened in Google Chrome;
  4. Right-click the PDF file and click the “Print” button;
  5. Then, click “Change” in order to save the file instead of printing it;
  6. Click the “Save” button — don’t forget to change the name of the file. Save the new PDF file to your desktop by clicking the “Save” button;
  7. That’s it! The newly saved file won’t be secured anymore when you open it.
step-by-step guide to unlocking a password protected PDF
Ways to Unlock a Secure PDF File

How to Decrypt a PDF File?

In order to open an encrypted PDF (if you don’t have a password), several instruments can be helpful. You can choose between Google Chrome, Adobe Acrobat, or Lumin PDF — either way, you will need an online PDF password remover to complete the operation.

In order to open an encrypted PDF file with the help of Adobe Reader, you need to:

Right-click a PDF file on your desktop, and choose the “Open with” option.

Click the “Choose another app” button and open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. When you’re done, press the “OK” button. If Adobe Reader requires the password, enter it.

Congratulations, you are now ready to open your encrypted pdf.

If you don’t have the password, don’t panic — there are ways to open encrypted PDF files without them. If your PDF file contains confidential or sensitive content, it can be encrypted in order to protect the content from threats, such as unauthorized opening, editing, or copying. Sometimes, users receive PDF files that have to be unlocked with a password before they can even be read. Generally speaking, encrypted PDF files can be decrypted with a key, and permission to edit.

If a user forgets the password they created and cannot open their PDF file, there is a solution. Use the following guide in order to open an encrypted PDF document without a password. 

Three Simple Ways to Open an Encrypted PDF Without a Password

  1. Use Google Chrome in order to open an encrypted PDF file

Step 1. Right-click the encrypted PDF and select “Open with” Chrome Browser.

Step 2. Right-click the PDF and choose “Print”.

Step 3. Choose Microsoft Print to PDF option and click on the “Print” button. Now you can have and open the encrypted PDF with no password.

  1. Use  Adobe Acrobat in order to open an encrypted PDF file 
  2. Open the locked or encrypted PDF document in Adobe Acrobat;
  3. Click the “File” button, then select “Properties”;
  4. Click the “Permission Details” button, and open the “Security” tab there. Locate the “No Security option”.
  5. In the “Security Method” menu, click on the “Remove Password” button. You have now removed the password from the PDF file.
  6. Save the PDF file and feel free to access it.

Simple Ways to Open an Encrypted PDF Without a Password

When seeking to remove encryption from PDF files, try to choose a source with a good reputation in order to avoid data damage and other threats. Lumin PDF has proved to be one of the most reliable online services that allow you to open encrypted pdf files easily and safely.

In order to unlock your PDF file or make it possible to edit or copy it, simply download your file into the Lumin PDF software and press the “Unlock PDF” button — it’s that easy. Lumin will automatically remove the previous passwords providing you with full access.

Although PDF files are considered to be unchangeable, smart unlocking tools, like the ones offered by Lumin PDF, can help users accomplish a wide range of manipulations regarding PDF files. If you work with PDF files on a daily basis, then a proper set of smart tools will be really helpful. Whether you need to unlock a PDF file, remove or break a password, or just need to open it in case you have forgotten the password, there are sources available containing step-by-step guides. Lumin PDF is a reliable source that provides the necessary information, guides, explanations, and also includes all of the free tools needed in order to accomplish all of your PDF-related needs.

It’s quite essential to understand where to get the needed services to have an opportunity to work with the files openly and without any limitations. However, the main thing that has to be considered while performing any technical manipulations is security. Use reliable and credible services while unlocking your PDF files.