Ways technology has changed modern business forever

modern business forever

Technology is changing all aspects of our modern world but nowhere more so than in business. If you take a second to think back over the last twenty or so years and remember how commerce used to be, there’s been a dramatic shift change in the way businesses now operate. 

From the web to apps, e-commerce, software, and our increasing reliance on devices, it’s very clear we’re currently entering an entirely new era for business. Indeed, the changes have been so huge that many analysts suggest we’re in the throes of a fourth industrial revolution – a so-called Industry 4.0.

Below are just a few ways technology has changed business forever. 

Tech has changed the way businesses and staff communicate

Good communication has always been at the heart of effective teamwork but today’s tech lets staff communicate better than ever and work collaboratively on projects. Even with just a handheld device, it’s now possible to make video calls, send messages and emails and keep abreast of projects using team working software. 

Moreover, these same channels also allow for Business-2-Business communications, while the web and search engines like Google have made companies more accessible than ever and allowed firms to reach into entirely new markets. Couple this with the tremendous impact of social media and it’s clear to see there are now more communication channels than ever for companies to make their mark and stand out from their rivals. 

The cloud is changing how – and where – firms can operate

Cloud networking is now one of the fastest-growing sectors in the entire IT and computer industry. By shifting their data to the cloud, companies can enable their staff to work from any location where they can find an internet connection.

Cloud migration essentially means entrusting your company’s digital resources to a dedicated cloud service provider that operates your IT network on a network of remote computers. As your data and essential apps are held remotely, you can draw on the massive storage and processing power of hugely powerful machines – normally far more powerful than the device you might be using. 

There are innumerable benefits to working in the cloud – not least of which is the fact you’ll know your precious company data is safe and protected by zero trust data security software. 

E-commerce has revolutionized retailing

Whether you like online shopping or not, there’s little denying that e-commerce has completely revolutionized the retail world – so much so that many previously-successful firms that failed to adapt to the new world of commerce have since disappeared. 

E-com has led to the emergence of prescient billionaires like Jeff Bezos (frequently cited as the world’s richest man) while also transforming the traditional high street and bringing the demise of many of our best-known stores. 

The increasing use of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace

Not so very long ago, the idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was very much the stuff of science fiction but with the tremendous progress made in tech over the last decade or so, AI is now becoming a staple part of the modern workplace. From autonomous accounting software to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps, AI is revolutionizing business to the point it’s even rendered many jobs redundant – so-called ‘pointless jobs’.