Wall Fan Price, Features and Other Important Factors to Help You Make the Right Buying Decision

Wall Fan Price

Wall fans are a great alternative for ceiling fans and pedestal fans, especially when one is unable to install the latter (ceiling and pedestal fans) because of any space constraints or issues such as low ceiling. Wall fans also come very handy in scenarios wherein ceiling fans are unable to deliver air to all parts of a big room.  If you too are facing any such issue and would like to buy a wall fan for your home or office space, this blog talks about some important factors such as wall fan price, features, and more that you should be considering before you make a buying decision. Let’s get started. 


Wall fan price is one of the most important factors to consider at the time of buying one. You should compare the prices of different wall fans from different brands and then select one that’s value for money. Make sure you don’t buy one just because it’s cheap. In fact, you should be ready to spend a little extra if you think the wall fan is really adding some value. For instance, let’s assume there are two wall fans A and B. If Fan A is more energy-efficient as compared to Fan B then it’s always advisable to go with Fan an even if it is priced higher as compared to Fan B.


The second thing you should consider is the features that the wall fan has to offer. Go for the latest technology and features. If you want to buy a feature-rich wall fan, we suggest that you go with a Luminous India wall fan that comes with unique features such as Thermal Overload Protection, Easy Tilting Mechanism, Multiple Wing Mode, Deep Contoured Plastic Blades, and more.

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Power Consumption

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a wall fan is the amount of power it consumes. Compare different fans to find out which one’s the most energy-efficient. A typical consumes anywhere between 75 -130 W. If you want to go with a fan that consumes less energy and is reasonably priced too then go for a Luminous India wall fan.

Air Delivery

The air delivery of a wall fan is a measure of the amount it delivers. The same is measured in CMM or Cubic Meters per Minute. The air delivery in turn depends on other factors such as the shape and size of the blades, the fan speed, the motor speed and others. If you want to buy a wall fan with superior air delivery then you should check out the Speed Plus Range of wall fans from Luminous India.


As people continue to get more particular about their home decor, companies too have been focusing a lot of emphasis on the design of their wall fans. Go with a brand like Luminous that manufactures aesthetically pleasing wall fans that are designed to not just complement any home decor but have also outmatched the best of their rivals in the industry.   Speed Pro from Luminous is a perfect example which comes with design to complement your home décor and with excellent hi-speed performance.

These were some of the most important factors that one should consider when buying a wall fan. We hope you will keep them in mind when buying one and will not make a hasty decision.