Earn Money with VigoVideo App – How Vigo Video Works to Get Revenue (Proof Added)

How Vigo Video Works to Get Revenue: If you are also searching for ways to earn money on the internet then this article is for you only. There is an app named “VigoVideo” that gives you money on uploading the video. The more your video will be appreciated by the audience, the more money you will get. Just read the article below to know more about Earn Money with VigoVideo App.

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How to Earn Real PayPal money with VigoVideo

Vigo Video is a Mobile Application, Which gives you money on uploading the video.

Money Making Steps with Vigo Video (Hypster)

If you want to make real PayPal money by uploading some funny and interesting videos, please follow below steps:

Step 1: Create a Vigo Video Account

  1. Just visit official page: Vigo Video (Formerly Hypster)
  2. Now, scroll down your page and click on Start Now
  3. It will redirect you to Facebook profile, please login with your FB profile and allow all permission. Don’t worry it’s 100% safe and it will not post anything without your permission.
  4. Now, it will redirect you to play store and download its official app. Login with same Fb profile to get sign up bonus.
  5. Done!

Step 2: How To Earn Money with Vigo Video App

You can earn money in many ways. There is a thing called ‘Flames’. Flames is like a point that you get on each video that you share on Vigo Video. Just read below methods:

  • Earn By Video Uploading a video of 15 Seconds. Don’t upload gallery videos. You will get flames on live videos only.
  • Earn By Refer App with your friends. You will get 20% money of your referred friend till 10 days.
  • Earn Money By Offer: There are many offers, just participate and create your video and upload. You will get big flames on those videos.
  • Earn Money By Play Quiz Game
  • Minimum Payment: $ 1
  • Payment Frequency: Daily (minimum $1)
  • Payment Method: Paypal only

How To Earn Unlimited Money with VigoVideo (Trick)

  1. Share your link with all your WhatsApp groups and contact also.
  2. You can use MI Double Space or Parallel Space to create multiple apps to create multi accounts. Join all accounts with your referral link and earn in each account and also 20% in your main account.
  3. Just repeat point 2 again and again.

Proof Of Earning in Vigo Video





How Vigo Video Works to Get Revenue

How Vigo Video Makes Money with Videos

Everyone is wondering how Vigo Video is making money with videos. We also searched a lot about how Vigo Video works to get revenue with videos. Actually, nobody has any idea about this topic even this question is still lives in many online communities including Quora. It means there is no idea about how Vigo video is making revenue by videos while it’s still giving all services Free of cost. If you have any ideas, please share them in the comment box.

Final Words about Vigo Video Works and Revenue

VigoVideo is a great Money Making App, you can earn a lot of money with it. The ability should be in you how many people you can share it with. The more you share this application, the more it will you earn. You can trust this app completely. So let’s start earning, and in case of any question do comment below.


  1. Hello, I have download vigo video and I’m paralle space but I don’t known how to intergret it to make money, I think you have to teach us step by step.

  2. Hi,
    I already shared a step-by-step guide to making money with Vigo Video. Please read above post again and then try.

  3. Shani I am a not to savvy tech guy that has a strong drive for making myself and family more money than we need . I lay at bed at night trying to figure out any way to do so. So my respectful question for you ……Is there a reasonable million dollar revenue for a poor guy from the ghetto with this ordeal that can be made if time and devotion are put into full time play and if so would it be before I’m too old to spend it or is this all just a neat trick for few pennies like all the rest? I need that million dollar revenue Shani …..no disrespect meant but I am 39 with 3 kids and no education accept for what the streets taught me and I would love to retire. 😉 pls reply either way at my email thanks a MILLION !! HAHA , BUT SO SERIOUS !

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