How Video Marketing Can Help You Build a Brand

Video Marketing Help You Build a Brand
Video Marketing Help You Build a Brand

Picture this. You’re sitting at the boardroom table with the marketing director on one side and the CEO on the other. “We’re trying to build a brand and we need to take a new approach.”, the marketing director says, “What do you think we should do?”. 

Between YouTube, Netflix, and the rise of social media, video is arguably one of the hottest mediums out there today. Read on to learn how your company can turn your corporate videos into a bonafide branding opportunity.

1. You Can Create Consistent Visuals

Business branding experts often harp on visual consistency. And while the idea of throwing away awesome marketing ideas might seem painful at first glance, having steadfast brand visuals can accomplish a lot more than you think.

Every time we see dark colors and a swoosh symbol in photos and commercials, we know we’re looking at Nike. And if there are polar bears, glass bottles, and silver cursive used on a red background, is there any doubt that the ad belongs to Coca-Cola? With the right corporate video production, you can build that same gravitas around your company branding.

2. You Can Tell Your Story

One of the most important marketing tips you’ll hear this week is that your company needs to always be telling its story. Batman has a tragic background surrounding the death of his parents. And Peter Parker was a sick teenager before he became Spiderman. It might sound cliche, but these stories speak to the power of forming narratives.

Your company might not have an origin story that includes radioactive spiders and random acts of violence. But what problem was your founder trying to solve when they built your company? Is there a specific person that you’re trying to help with your product or service? Video is your chance to shape the narrative around your business.

3. You Can Get on People’s Radars

Pretend you’re a guest investor on Shark Tank and you’ve got two entrepreneurs in front of you. Presenter A has got Facebook ads, Google ads, and every-other-kind-of-ad running. And Presenter B hasn’t put out a product yet.

Which one would you assume has made more sales? Presenter A, right?

The conventional wisdom in marketing used to be that you needed people to see you at least seven times before they’d commit to buying from you. Today those numbers might not necessarily be true, but it does speak to another way that videos can elevate your marketing efforts: they give you another means of putting yourself out there.

Want to Build a Brand? Try Video Marketing!

In the corporate world, everyone wants to build a brand. But the process of brand building is often a lot harder than it looks. If you’re looking for more engagement, more touchpoints, and more ways to shape people’s perceptions around your business, video marketing could very well be your ticket to success.

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