Using a Virtual Number for Registration

Identity protection when registering on websites can be reliable and, at the same time, cheap using a virtual sim. Any social network or application that demands your personal phone number for verification accepts virtual numbers as absolutely real. You can forget about all the troubles with public disclosing your personal information. Disposable or rent-based virtual numbers by OnlineSim will take care of all parties who are hunting for personal phone numbers.

Virtual Number for Registration

How to Pass Registration with a Virtual Number

All you need to complete the verification process is an online number code that will be received in the form of an SMS to your account at OnlineSim. To get it, you should specify the virtual number in the registration form on the chosen website. For this aim, you can use two different types of virtual numbers depending on the frequency of registering on Internet resources:

  • For active users, it is advisable to buy virtual number SMS for a long-term application. This service is rent-based: the minimal duration of rent is one day, but it can be prolonged indefinitely.
  • If you need to register occasionally, choose disposable virtual phone SMS. It is active for up to 20 minutes and devoted to receiving SMS just from one website or application.

Cross Country Borders When Registering with a Virtual Number

One of the key advantages of receiving SMS to a virtual number during registration is that you can be verified as a resident of another region. This is necessary not so much to confuse someone but to receive a full package of services provided to residents of the regions served by the website. OnlineSim has collected phone numbers from 79 countries and is ready to offer them to you for one-time registration. For rental services, choose a virtual number from a list of 27 countries.

The Best Way to Be Convinced Is to Try a Virtual Number Yourself

To appreciate the convenience of this service, use the online sms on the OnlineSim website. The database of free virtual phones is regularly updated. Offered numbers make it possible to test registration using phone numbers from different countries’ operators.

Leave your personal phone number only for the dearest people and the most important questions. All the tasks of registration and verification that Internet users face almost every day can be easily solved with the help of virtual numbers for SMS from OnlineSim.