Now Use WhatsApp Web Version Without Opening App – Latest Update

Hi guys, as we all know that WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app for smartphones. The good news is that WhatsApp has added a new update that will be very beneficial for you. Today we are discussing with you that how you can Use WhatsApp Web Version Without Opening App and directly chat with family or friends. This Facebook-owned messaging service registered a new domain

Note: We are not sure about this update, we just read this news on some news websites.


Now Use WhatsApp Web Version Without Opening App. Here is how

The new feature of WhatsApp is available for Android 2.18.138 and it needs users to update their app to the said beta version.

In a report featured on WAbeta Info:

    • The domain is a short link of and you can use it by quickly opening a chat in WhatsApp, following this structure:
    • WhatsApp for Android 2.18.138 successfully recognizes the short link.
    • It means the chat will be automatically opened without using the browser.
    • If you want to use and you have an old WhatsApp version installed, you will be redirected to in your browser.

To enjoy the new chat feature, WhatsApp users need to type number). Phone number is of the person they want to drop the text to. The brwser redirects the users to the chat automatically. If you have old WhatsApp version, the browser will redirect you to

Every time you use or, WhatsApp checks if you are trying to open a chat with an existing WhatsApp user. If you try to open a chat with an wrong WhatsApp phone number, WhatsApp will notify you. The Notification message would be ‘phone number shared via URL is invalid’.

Other than this, according to report by WAbeta Info WhatsApp is currently working to improve the Sticker feature. WhatsApp recently rolled out sticker album for its Beta Users. WhatsApp did not yet made the sticker feature available and will enable it in the next releases.


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