5 Reasons to Use Online Backup Server and Recovery

Data backup is vital; to the continuity of an organization. Well, nothing would be going on at your workplace with the absence of customer information and records to work on in the first place. The management of any organization, big or small, will go an extra mile to employ data management services to ensure that the business operations are not interfered with in the event of an accident that may lead to loss of data.


Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Online Server Backup and Recovery

Data backup is not new; it has seen the test of time and evolved from using traditional storage methods to better technologies such as online storage and automation of backup processes by using solutions such as ottomatik. Most businesses are turning to online backup server and recovery for the following reasons.

1. Improved security

It must be one of the main reasons as to why you should also use an online backup server. Your company holds sensitive information that you would not, by any means, end up in the hands of your competitors or thieves.

While the conventional methods of data backup do not encrypt data before backup, online server backup will give encryption priority. Not only will you keep your data free of trespassing, but you will also avoid the contact of third parties, which only exposes your data to more risk.

2. Automation

Traditional methods of storage of data backup are being phased out. Gone are the days that you would have to invariably select files to copy them to different tapes. With online server backup, you will just set and forget.

Automation of the backup processes saves time which you would have used in backups and use it on more productive activities. Also, manual data backup is faced with the risk of forgetting. You may forget whether or not you have backed up an important file.

3. It is detailed and reliable

Remember that online backups allow automation which makes it possible to transmit changes on your data as soon as you affect them.  Why is online backup termed as detailed? Well, you should note that with traditional methods: which are mostly manual, you might have to rely on nightly backup, what happens when you want to restore data? Accessing all of it will be a problem; you will only recover a portion of the data you saved,

You can rely on an online backup to effectively backup your data, alongside the changes you make in the long run, not to mention the ease at which you will be able to restore your data with minimal or no technical assistance from your staff.

4. Cost-effective

Storage devices such as external hard drives are expensive. More so, if you have large amounts of data to restore it means that you will need more of those devices. With online backup, you will not have to worry about those extra costs.

All you need is your desktop/ laptop and internet, there also will be no need for extra equipment for the restoration of data, as it is as simple as downloading it.

5. Quick recovery

Last but not least, online server backup gives you a fast recovery. Putting your business operations on hold just because restoration is taking too long could make you lose a lot of revenue. Online backup is here to save the day.

Not only is the recovery process fast, but also, you will be able to recover all the data you need. However, it is essential to note that the size of your data and bandwidth available will affect the speed.

The mentioned are just a few of the benefits of using online backup servers and recovery; there is more to benefit. Do not be left behind as other cooperations migrate their data to online servers.


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