Use Your Android / iOS Mobile Phone as CCTV Camera (24 Hrs Online)

Turn Old Android / iOS Mobile Phone as CCTV Camera – Hi guys, Today I will tell you a method in which you can use you old mobile camera phone into your home security camera. Yes! your mobile camera phone will work fine as security camera phone. You know, home security is very important for all and everybody has old mobile phones in home. So, I found an interesting method that will work better for mobile phone and security camera.


Features of Mobile Camera as CCTV Camera

  • Fully Portable
  • Local / Cloud Streaming
  • Recording /  Live Video
  • Remotely Functionality

How To Turn Old Android Phone into CCTV Camera

Step 1 – Find Suitable Camera App for Your Device – Android / iOS

  1. Download IP WebCam into your Android phone or ManyThing into your iOS Devices.
  2. Install your suitable app from above links and open the app.
  3. Now, you can set your preferences like – video preference, power management or sound etc.
  4. To view the live footage from Mobile device, please register yourself at lvideon and test your setting and then enable cloud stream.
  5. To start your live streaming, go to bottom of the app and select ‘start server’.
  6. Now, you can watch the live streaming. To watch –
    • Find the provider IP address and port number on the phone setup as a security camera. From another device (computer, smartphone, or tablet), enter the IP address in the address bar of the Web browser.
    • If you set up an lvideon cloud stream, from a computer or your new smartphone, visit and sign in with your details.

Step 2 – Place Your Android / iOS Device at Better Place

After testing your live streaming of your android device, its turn to find a better location to adjust your device to get fine videos. You need a location where you can set your Android / iOS device to record video in all modes. So find carefully and set your android device there.

Step 3 – Increase Your Device’s Camera Strength (Optional)

It is an optional part of this method, if you want to get finest videos, you can buy angle lens for your Android device or iOS device. You can buy these tools from Amazon or any other online store.

Last Words for Mobile Phone as CCTV Camera – I really suggest you to use your old mobile as your safety. If you have one, must use it and have a security for your home. If you have any query, drop a comment below. We will reply soon.


  1. your old phone does not have to have service you only need to connect to Wi-Fi to download the app onto that phone

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